10 Best Conversation Starters for Men That Really Work Wonders

For many men, the very thought of starting a conversation with a woman, especially a woman they don’t know, causes anxiety. This article decodes conversation starters for men that can help you strike up a conversation with someone.

When starting a conversation, the first impression you make on your listener or reader can make or break them away from you. They listen or read the first few lines and respond in one of two ways: they look at you admiringly, they open up to you, or they look at your text and scoff.

What will it be like for you when you finally decide it’s time to approach or text that woman you finally admire? Here are a number of conversation starters for men that really work wonders:

1. Hi, I’m_ Your name_ Can we talk?

This might look like a traditional and maybe even archaic way to start a conversation with a woman via text, but it still works wonders. I’ll tell you why.

Every day, many men approach a beautiful woman. Some of which are creeps and have no courtesy.

These creepy guys can be whistles that just stand on the edge of the road and call out to women. They can be those who don’t mind touching any woman or even trying to get close to her.

Being exposed to men like these on a daily basis has caused women to conform over time in ways that can include pettiness, snobbery, etc.

If you approach a woman in a way that provokes her or try to start a conversation in one of those rude and crude ways, she will shut the door on you and be mean to you. You should be a gentleman.

Let’s imagine that she is sitting somewhere far away. You should walk up to her and, with a smile, say, “Hi, I’m, can we talk?”

This works because, first, it makes her feel safe. She knows your name now and she knows that you have little or no intention of scaring her.

Second, it makes him see you as responsible. You haven’t just told him your name. You’ve also told him what you want—tor speak

She knows you’ll be okay with anything she says, so she won’t be forced to say what she doesn’t mean.

2. “It’s a clear sky today.”

It is important to start conversations with mutual interests or mutual points of view.

If you are on a bus, for example, and a passenger sees a beautiful bird fly by, they may choose to ask you if you saw it too.

I assume you’ll be willing to say yes. This is because people are willing to talk about what they both find interesting or beautiful.

Heaven is beautiful to almost everyone; nothing beats the sight of fluffy white clouds wandering in a blue sky.

When you start a conversation this way with a woman, it will be easy for her to talk to you. She might turn to you, smile, and say, “Yes, it’s a clear sky.”

You can then point to a particular cloud and say, “That looks like a kitten.”

3. Can I carry your dog?

Women can be very attached to their pets. A woman will appreciate anyone who appreciates her pet. Of course, we love people who love the things we love, so it’s not a surprise.

If you’re on a bus, for example, and there’s a woman holding a dog and you really want to talk to her, then a great way to start the conversation is to ask her if you can hold her dog.

Most likely, he will smile at you. “Yes”, she would move the dog towards you.

Now, you can pet the dog, with a smile. Talk a bit more about the pet. Say something like, “His skin feels so good to the touch.” Ask him the name of the pet.

Now, you can start telling a story about a pet you once had. You can tell him the name of the pet and discuss how you were really attached to it.

Look at the woman smile. A man who loves pets, she would think, such a nice man.

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4. Can I see your book?

Not everyone likes pets. Let’s imagine that the woman you admire and want to talk to is one of these and prefers books. One of the ways to get his attention is to ask him what book he is reading.

Readers are quite attached to their books most of the time and can become attached to people who love these books as well.

Ask to hold your book. Flip it over and look at the author’s name.

If it is a book you have read, you can start a conversation about the protagonist of the book, about your favorite scene or the death of the character that hurt you the most.

Just like movie fans, book lovers love to talk about their favorite books. If you haven’t read the book before, you can ask him if he wants to talk about it. I suppose she would want to.

5. Need help with that?

Conversation starters like this work wonders for men because offering help to a woman is a great way to start a conversation with them.

However, be careful that you are not just trying to take advantage of whatever situation you find yourself in, as that will be somewhat abusive.

Let’s imagine that you are in a gym with a beautiful woman who is trying to lift some weights. Imagine that she looks around her to see if anyone offers to help lift her or take some weight off her.

What do you do for a living? Well, you walk up to her and ask if you can help. “Do you need help getting those weights off?” She will smile and say yes.

Women like men who are willing to offer help. It is in the masculine core of a man to want to help someone. So when you offer to help a woman, you are being masculine.

The feminine, more often than not, cannot resist masculinity.

When you’ve taken off the weights, you can start telling a story about when you only lifted small weights, how now you lift heavier ones.

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6. That is a beautiful dress

People love to be congratulated. We only complement the things we love and appreciate. So when she uses compliments to start a conversation when she chats with a woman, she knows that she appreciates anything that flatters about her.

For women, humor is like a trap. It attracts them and many times they cannot resist it. Therefore, dress your compliments with humor.

You can say, “That’s a beautiful dress, I thought for a second you were going to fly into the sky.” She knows you’re just kidding, so she’ll relax and laugh about it. Start talking to her now.

7. Ask Him Why He Looks Moody

Everyone has a bad day from time to time. When people are having bad days or feeling down, all it takes for them to open up to you is one question.

“Why do you look like this? Are you okay?”

Say it nicely, in a way that makes them think you really want to listen. Listening is helping, and good listeners make great partners. Almost all women know this.

A great way to start a conversation with a woman that really works is to ask her why she looks a certain way. Why does she seem sad or unhappy?

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8. Hello, I need directions. Where can I see a woman as beautiful as you?

This is a great conversation starter for men because many women find humor very appealing. So when you approach them, know that humor is very important. Make her laugh and she will lend you a listening ear.

Many men don’t understand humor and believe in scripted jokes. You shouldn’t be one of them. Scripted jokes, when repeated over and over again, can even become annoying.

This is exactly what you will be if you tell a woman a joke that she has heard before. Upset.

A good way to manipulate humor is to say the most outrageous things and hide compliments under them.

Asking a woman to give you directions to another beautiful woman is very scandalous. But she does two things: First, she lets her know that you think she’s beautiful, and she lets her know that you want to talk.

Many women will laugh and ask what you want. Tell him you want to talk.

9. Hello, do you like my new hair?

The fact that she doesn’t know you will make this even more fun. If you watch a lot of YouTube pranks, you will find YouTubers doing stunts like this.

They approach random women and ask them if they like something about them. When you do this, you’re doing a trick that works in two ways.

First, he makes the woman laugh. And he also confuses her in a good way. Confused people ask questions. She’ll want to know what you’re up to, why you approached her and not anyone.

10. Hi, please don’t snub. I’ve heard beautiful women snub guys like me.

Viola. You just made her laugh. When starting a conversation like this, make sure your body language exudes confidence, or she’ll take your sentence literally.

Say one thing, an obvious and funny lie, while acting in a confident and manly manner.

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