10 Signs That You Are Letting Him Play You Like Anyhow

10 Signs You’re Letting Him Play With You Anyway

10 Signs You’re Letting Him Play With You Anyway

  1. He refuses to define the relationship with you.

He really doesn’t need to feel cooped up with you. He doesn’t want to commit to anything at all. He is trying to absolve himself of the responsibilities involved in getting into relationships.

  1. He still keeps his relationship apps on his smartphone.

He does, however, keep several of his dating apps on his phone. Actually, he doesn’t need to be with you for the foreseeable future. Obviously, what you have is just a casual and temporary fling.

  1. He doesn’t take you to be close to his friends.

No doubt he’s not interested in merging social circles with you because he doesn’t think you’ll stick around long enough to play an absolutely important role in his life. Now he’s not really interested in his friends merging with yours.

“10 Signs You’re Letting Him Play With You Anyway”

  1. He does not make your experience valued or appreciated.

He never makes you feel sincerely thankful or grateful for everything you do for him within the relationship. You’re practically giving your all to him and your romance. But he never seems inclined to return the election. It’s like you’ll never be enough for him.

  1. Always flirt with other girls in front of you.

He doesn’t care about the truth that it hurts you every time he flirts with other women. He probably doesn’t care much about your emotions. He just wants to get lucky. He still wants to keep his options open because he’s not really serious about being with you long-term anymore.

10 Signs You're Letting Him Play With You Anyway
10 Signs You’re Letting Him Play With You Anyway
  1. He in no way keeps his promises and commitments.

In no way does he truly endorse the things he tells you. Every time he promises you something, he is likely to fall short. Every time he commits to you about something, he will most likely back down and leave you completely pissed off.

  1. No way is he inviting you to his house.

He has clearly never invited you into his neighborhood. And the reason for this is that he doesn’t really need you to feel welcome in his physical space. He doesn’t want to be with you too much because he’s afraid you’re getting too comfortable with him.

  1. He distances himself from you emotionally.

He tries to distance himself from you on an emotional level. Every time you try to ask him about his existence, he gives you some very vague and strange solutions. Every time you try to get to know him better, he puts up a wall as if to keep you out and make sure you don’t know too much.

“10 Signs You’re Letting Him Play With You Anyway”

  1. The best thing is that he wants to hang out with you if it’s about sex.

The best time he wants to go out with you is if you promise him he’ll be lucky at the end of the night. And that is absolutely a terrible factor. It’s just going to state that it’s better after a component, and it’s really not your heart.

  1. He is inconsistent with you.

It really doesn’t give you the consistency and stability you want from a courtship partner. It’s usually hot and cold with you. It is as if he wants to be with you if it is useful to him. He never really makes you feel like things get solid even if you’re together.

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