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Kisses can be awkward at times, especially first kisses. It’s hard to tell if the kiss meant anything to a guy. Ask your friends, and at least one will have a story to tell about a kiss that left them insecure, insecure.

First kisses usually go like this: you lean into him and put your lips on his. The kiss begins, but soon an awkwardness arises. If it’s a guy you really like and want to keep, this can make you wonder if the kiss really meant anything to him.

However, even if the awkwardness doesn’t come, if the kiss goes well enough, you’ll still wonder. You will try to know if she liked the kiss. If she backed off, you’d want to know why.

Overthinking might even get you to a point where you begin to consider the possibility that your breath stinks. Relax. He did not do it. Chances are your fears are false and the kiss really meant something to him.

Check out these 10 signs that the kiss meant something to him:

1. He is not a stranger

Let’s pretend it’s a game of truth or dare at your house tonight. You dare to kiss this boy your friend came with, a cute dark-haired boy with pink lips, who has made you imagine things since he sat in front of you. You accept the challenge with open arms and lean in to kiss him, hoping that you can somehow charm him, make him like you.

Do you really think the kiss will mean anything to him? No. Most likely he won’t. A kiss will only mean something to a guy if you mean something to him first. That is, if he likes you. So when you ask if the kiss meant anything, also ask, “Does he like me?”

Well, that’s not a difficult question to answer. You see, guys can be good at hiding things, but they can’t hide who means a lot to them for long.

If he likes you, he will show it in many ways. He will always be with you a lot and will have the habit of listening to you.

He will also give you clues with his body language. I’m assuming the guy you’re asking about isn’t a stranger or just a guy you met on Tinder a few days ago. If so, then you are in the clear.

2. There was an incredible buildup

Kisses do not happen by chance. With some exceptions; there’s usually a buildup, a moment when intense emotions cackle in the air, giving way to the kiss. The generic build-up we see in the movies is of two people having a conversation, and then one of them goes silent, bringing her face closer and closer until the kiss occurs.

However, his own accumulation may have been different, but this does not make it any less significant. If you really want to know if the kiss means anything to a guy, think about what started it. How intense was the aura that surrounded them both. What were they both talking about?

When you gave him to kiss, did you notice that he also moved towards you? If he moved, you should know that he wanted the kiss too. Sometimes guys may want something but refuse to go after it. I mean, they want the girl to make the first move.

If he wanted it, then she knew the kiss meant something more. Oh trust me, he did.

3. There Was No Buildup, But He Kissed Her Back

Sometimes, in rare cases, a kiss has no buildup. This depends on how bold the person initiating the kiss is. Many women are brave. They wake up one morning and decide that they’ve had enough, that they won’t wait any longer.

They spot the guy they want to kiss, then walk over to him only to plant a kiss on his lips. If the kiss meant anything to him, though he flinched at first, he kissed her back.

He kissed you back because he had probably wanted you to kiss him for a while. When people have wanted something enough, they treasure it very much when it comes into their hands.

4. It was intense

Intense things are usually at the other end of things. Either they are too much this way or too much that way. We rarely, if ever, see intense things in the midline. If your kiss is expected to mean something to him, it won’t be in the middle line. It will not be “just there”.

Have you ever had a kiss “right there”? Then you would agree that it meant nothing to you. A kiss that meant something to him would have been intense. Or too slow. Or too fast.

The kind where there’s plenty of time for lips, nothing on your mind when the kiss is gone. Nothing more than the kiss itself. An intense kiss will make both of your hearts beat faster. There may be some restlessness as the adrenaline does its work in both bodies.

5. There were pauses

Have you ever seen a movie on TV, and the movie had to be paused for a commercial? What did that do to you? I guess it made you feel an intense longing for the movie to pick up again.

When you kissed him, were there any pauses? If you’re a good kisser and did your job pretty well, then I guess yes, there were.

How did you react to the pauses and breaks? Well, if the kiss meant something real, her reaction would be to push you back into the kiss. On the other hand, if the kiss didn’t do it, you would notice hesitation during the pauses, as if he caught himself doing something wrong. As if he was considering never kissing you again.

6. Hands/a lot of contact:

Kissing often goes hand in hand with touching and caressing. If you’re looking to find out if the kiss means anything to him, think about where his hands were when you kissed him.

If it meant anything to him, his hands would have been flying over your body. He would have groped your breasts, caressed your nipples and touched your butt.

When a guy’s hands are also a big part of the kiss, it means he’s feeling it a lot. He won’t feel what doesn’t mean something to him, will he?

7. Their eyes were closed during the kiss

Many times, when we want to concentrate, we close our eyes. This is because when we shut down one sense organ, the others become more sensitive. If a guy closes his eyes when he kisses you, know that he is just trying to get into the mood. To focus. To keep the intensity. To use more of his imagination.

If you closed your eyes, chances are you imagined what could happen next between the two of you. The kiss definitely meant something to him. You can count on that.

8. He got closer shortly after the kiss

No, I don’t mean “What was that for?” scope type. If a guy approaches you that way shortly after a kiss, then you should know, even without the help of a fortune teller, that it meant nothing to him. If anything, he infuriated him.

If the kiss means a lot to him, he will approach you in a softer, much more gentle way. I may not directly say that the kiss was good. In fact, many guys like to act like the kiss never happened.

He can send you a casual text: “Hello” or just send you a series of emojis. He may ask if he got home okay. If he ghosts you or starts avoiding you, you may have been unlucky.

9. It becomes nicer

If the kiss meant anything to him, he would respond emotionally. You see, there’s something about physical contact, especially physical contact as intense as kissing, is that the body reacts by releasing hormones.

One of the hormones is called oxytocin. It is released by a small gland in the head called the pituitary gland and is responsible for feelings of affection. It has been called the hormone of love.

Oxytocin is what will make him start thinking about you more. You will find that you seem to get a lot more attention from him now. He calls. He sends text messages. He asks how you are and maybe even sets up updates with you.

10. Ask for another kiss

When the first experience is good and means a lot to us, we usually start fishing the second. If the first kiss meant anything to that guy, you better believe it won’t be the last kiss.

He will come for another. Sometimes you might ask. But if he doesn’t, he will try to put you in a situation where you will most likely want to kiss him again.

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