12 Ways To Be A Better Husband

Whether your lack of reciprocity has become painfully obvious or you’re just trying to put a smile on your partner’s face, understanding how to be a better husband will definitely improve the quality of your marriage.

Even if your marriage is in turmoil, perhaps the first step you can take to regain lost harmony is to become the man your spouse fell in love with. By positively changing himself as a husband, he could set off a productive domino effect.

Although it may not seem like it when the going gets tough, being a better husband isn’t the hardest thing in the world. With a few acts of kindness, a few head nods to indicate you’re listening, and remembering special dates, you’ve already started your journey. Let’s take a look at how to be a better husband, so you don’t get a one-way ticket to the couch.

How to be a better husband? 12 Tips You Can Start Implementing Right Now

“Our marriage runs like a well-oiled machine. We’re pretty driven by routine, and it can feel like things are going well. Although I try to add a little fun to our marriage, my husband is always too distracted to notice.

“Being a good husband came naturally to him from the beginning. But as a decade has passed and complacency has set in our marriage, it seems he hasn’t even asked me how I’m doing in the last year! Nancy told us.

Sometimes when things seem to be on autopilot, the need to be a better husband can fade. Only when you realize that the monotony of your marriage is eating away at it will you desperately try to get her a bouquet that doesn’t do much for her.

Although you may have been aware of all the marriage advice for husbands in your vows, keeping to it can sometimes be tricky. So whether you’re trying to fix a broken marriage or just making sure you’re keeping your spouse happy, the following ways to be a better husband can help:

1. Understand what she wants

Before getting into how to be a better husband, it’s imperative to understand exactly what she wants. If your friend Daniel tells you to just buy him a bouquet of white roses and be done with it, he’s going to blow up in your face when he tells you he doesn’t care less about white roses.

Instead of guessing or trying to find your answers from other people, be sure to ask her what she wants. A simple “Hey, how can I make you happier today?” It will make him believe that you are trying.

Is she the sporty type? Be a better husband by joining her on her walk you left three years ago. Is she a wine aficionado? Get him that exclusive bottle of wine that’s older than you. Instead of surprising the teetotaler with a trip to Las Vegas, be sure to surprise the yoga addict with a 2-day yoga retreat in the Bahamas.

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2. Communicate your love like they do

On his journey to discover how to be a better husband, he must learn a new language. Don’t get the dictionaries out yet; all you have to learn is your partner’s love language.

Giving your spouse the most expensive gifts isn’t going to accomplish much if your love language is quality time. If they value words of affirmation on those Gucci tops, you’ll be barking up the wrong tree by burning a hole in your pocket.

One of the best ways to be a better husband is simply to understand how your partner communicates their love. Which of the five love languages ​​appeals to you the most? Once you know that, you know what to do.

3. Work on yourself

If you’ve found yourself trying to figure out how to be a better husband because your problems are negatively affecting your marriage, the best thing you can do is work on yourself. You may have noticed how you struggle with empathy, or your anger issues may be wreaking havoc.

In situations where all the problems come from you, becoming a better husband is basically becoming a better person. If your marriage is negatively affected by the problems you’re having, Bonobology’s panel of experienced therapists can help you understand what went wrong and chart a path to recovery.

4. Give each other space

“We talk, we are friendly, we give each other everything we need. Everything should be going pretty well, but I still want to pull my hair out just because he’s always around. Although I love him, the fact that he is always clingy has introduced resentment into our marriage.

“Completing each other’s sentences isn’t even cute anymore. I know what he’s thinking, he knows what I’m thinking. We both work from home, and I seem to have no life outside of it. I never thought that this wonderful man could make me feel suffocated just by being around him,” Jessica tells us.

Although everything can go very well, resentment can still linger in the air, simply because the two of you are always in each other’s heads. Spend some time apart, let your partner have some personal space. When they have time to miss each other, they will also understand what they fell in love with in the first place.

5. Work on physical manifestations of affection

Be more affectionate by amplifying the PDA

A kiss on the lips is nice, but when was the last time you kissed your spouse for more than 5 seconds? When was the last time you gave them a surprise hug and lasted longer than the usual 1.8 seconds?

When figuring out how to be a better husband, it’s criminal not to think about physical affection. Amp up the public display of affection, pay more attention to being a little cuter, and make sure you’re not being selfish in bed.

6. Do some of their chores for a while

If you’re looking for quick marriage tips for husbands, taking over your partner’s day’s chores can be a kind gesture that they’ll definitely appreciate. Who wouldn’t want to be given a day off from doing the dishes?

Keep in mind that being a better husband involves more than just doing a few things around the house for your partner. Who knows, they may already be so mad at you that picking up the mop might be too little or too late. In those cases, it is best to follow point number one.

7. Don’t jump to conclusions

“When she talked about the missing ‘spark’ in our marriage, I assumed all she was talking about was the bedroom. I told him that I will do my best to spice things up. Finally, when she realized that all she was changing was the way we approach sex, things heated up a bit. Not in a sexual way,” Jason tells us.

When you assume that you know what your partner is talking about, all you do is make sure that there will be no communication problems. Instead of assuming they’re angry, ask them. Instead of assuming why they’re upset, make sure you’re both on the same page.

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8. Be a good listener

In your quest to discover how to be a better husband, you may set out to solve all the problems your partner has. Instead of always trying to be their hero, understand that sometimes all they need is someone to listen to what’s going on. Listening can improve your relationship more than you think.

Instead of saying, “You shouldn’t have done that. Let’s do it to fix it”, he just tries to say, “I’m sorry that happened to you, it must be hard”. Becoming a better husband can be as simple as that.

9. Show initiative

Just like in your workplace, taking initiative is also appreciated in your marriage. “All I did was ask him how he could love her the way she wanted, and he couldn’t stop smiling about it.

“I asked him what he would like me to do so he could find a way to be a better husband. She asked me to be more receptive to what she was saying, but I don’t think my receptiveness would make her as happy as she did this question!” Micah tells us.

Being a good husband is about jumping in with both feet. When you are willing to put time, effort, and energy into your marriage, the initiative will pay off.

10. Forgive and let go

When you’re married, you have to get really good at letting things go. The more you let lingering resentment take over your feelings, the harder it will be for you to be a better husband. Instead of continually bringing up the things that are bothering you, try to have a productive conversation about it and then let it go.

Forgive your partner faster than you usually do, don’t let grudges get in the way of a fulfilling marriage. We know that this is easier said than done, but it is something you should pay attention to. If necessary, try to get the help of a marriage counselor to fix the problems in your marriage.

11. Work on empathy and reciprocity

When you understand how to be more empathetic in your relationship, you can really understand where your partner is coming from. You will come to know why they do the things they do, and therein lies the answer to how to be a better husband.

When you reciprocate the effort and energy your partner puts in, you tell them that you appreciate everything they do for your marriage and that you are willing to reciprocate. By simply seeing the world from your partner’s perspective, you can increase the strength of your marriage.

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12. Plan the activities you never have time for

When was your last date night? When was the last time you had physical contact? Have you put off shopping for each other for a long time? Go ahead and plan those activities. Perhaps, you could surprise your partner with a fun day; put a little effort into planning everything down to the last detail and making all the arrangements.

Becoming a better husband is about spending time on your relationship. Plan those fun date nights, take the initiative and you will see that your partner appreciates it.

Being a better husband is one of those things that isn’t as easy as buying your partner a gift, but sometimes, it just can be. At the end of the day, just make sure you spend more constructive time and that the effort is noticeable. In no time, you will feel the bliss of a harmonious marriage. It is possible, we promise.

frequent questions

1. What does a wife need from her husband?

If there is one thing a wife needs from her husband, it is for him to be trustworthy and understanding. Empathy, trust, support, compassion, love and respect are the essential elements of any relationship.

2. What makes a woman happy in marriage?

Having a healthy relationship that makes her feel validated, loved, respected and adored is what makes a woman and a man happy in a marriage.

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