15 Reasons Why is Hard Being a Faithful Partner

15 reasons why it is difficult to be a faithful companion

15 reasons why it is difficult to be a faithful companion

  1. dedication problems.

One of the most obvious reasons humans cheat is because they are no longer really critical of the connection. They are not yet ready or willing to decide on a man or a woman. They don’t like the feeling of being tied down or settling down with one person. Therefore, they would still like to savor their freedom by dating other human beings, at the expense of the other party, who may be more emotionally involved. “15 reasons why it is difficult to be a faithful companion”

  1. Greed.

There are also some who may be committed to their partner, but at some point they are tempted to cheat out of interest. They wanted to see what it’s like to ‘discover different horizons’ only to find out how an office colleague or that random man or woman at the bar would feel so far. Perhaps it is the allure of something new and interesting that tempts them to tackle what is genuinely cheating, but for them it is simply a mission.

  1. Desire for attention.

Perhaps humans are tempted to cheat due to the fact that they inherently need the attention they get from other people, like those friends who continue to make their drink more unique with thoughtful notes in the cup, or that colleague in the bathroom cubicle. the corner to whom they will pass. at a conference out of town with.

  1. Ignore.

There may be times when your accomplice is surely neglecting you. While safe wishes and dreams don’t get fulfilled on a date, people tend to get sidetracked. They can appear before other humans to help them fill the void that their personal companions cannot. However, it is possible that these human beings are simply focused on the shortcomings of their partner and cannot see what they have to fix within themselves in the relationship.

15 reasons why it is difficult to be a faithful companion
15 reasons why it is difficult to be a faithful companion
  1. Sadness.

There may also be times when people enter relationships with grandiose, if not unrealistic, expectations about the union and about their partner. They will agree that the connection could be clean cruising and therefore cannot cope with bumps in the road.

They may also assume that their partner is “all that”, however they quickly begin to see the problems their partner has. These quirks then drive them crazy and drive them to seek out other people who they think can meet their expectations of what relationships or partners should be.

  1. No appreciation.

Being favored and mentioned through another is one of the inherent needs of people, especially in a romantic courtship. This deepens your emotional connection and intimacy. However, when human beings don’t feel appreciated and confirmed, it can cause them to drift apart and lose their bond.

As a result, people generally tend to turn away and notice other people who show them the appreciation that they can get from their own partners.

  1. loss of privacy.

Intimacy does not simply suggest sex. Beyond the physical, intimacy is the emotional bond you have with your accomplice. The dearth of emotional intimacy can also be a major factor why many are tempted to cheat. Since humans naturally want to be emotionally connected, having an emotionally distant or unavailable partner can make them want to be with someone who can satisfy their needs for intimacy.

  1. sexual performances.

At the same time, humans can have sex with someone without any romantic attachments, it’s impossible for a romantic date to thrive with terrible sex or no sex at all. When couples are unhappy in the bedroom, this can be a huge red flag for cheating. A partner can also try to find that pride by paying someone to have sex, having sex with random people, or having a full fling with a person who can satisfy her needs in bed.

  1. For Benefits.

There are people who lack the potential to defer self-gratification in favor of the happiness of other human beings, the relationship or more important long-term aspirations. That’s why they’re more likely to be on the lookout for what they’ll get out of anything, along with their dates.

So if they feel like they no longer get what they want from their modern dates, they’ll show up somewhere to get it, which often means having a relationship in the “getting the first class of both worlds” aspect. ,’ so to speak.

15 reasons why it is difficult to be a faithful companion
15 reasons why it is difficult to be a faithful companion
  1. Superiority.

Whether it’s their ego or their lack of superficiality, the idea that they’ll want to show that ‘yet they got it’ isn’t always uncommon for those tempted to cheat. Very often, a single partner is not enough for this type of man or woman, and they will also need to show themselves or other human beings that different people can still find them attractive.

  1. Partner status.

For those who are on the shallow side, they may not think about cheating when they see their partner getting fat, start nagging, or really don’t care about how they look as much as they did earlier in the relationship. They may find their partner unattractive or unattractive, so a preference to be with someone attractive or more attractive may entice them to seek out different partners.

  1. Unsafety.

In a courtship, both parties must be sure on the subject of their role in each other’s lives and in the courtship. Even though someone feels threatened in some way, it is a fight or flight situation. And those who are most at risk of being tempted to cheat often choose the ‘flight’ direction. They run away from the stage instead of boarding it if you want the connection to develop.

  1. Revenge.

There comes a time in relationships when things come across honestly horrible. Whether one partner cheated on another or there was just a big argument, there will be some who might see cheating as a way to get their partner back. They may be tempted to cheat, wondering if they could harm their partner through betrayal and dating different people behind their back.

15 reasons why it is difficult to be a faithful companion
15 reasons why it is difficult to be a faithful companion
  1. sex addiction

Many people who are tempted or who have already cheated may also be addicted to sex. This springs from an inner emptiness that also motivates substance addiction, gambling addiction, and the different varieties of addiction. While there are many who use sex addiction as an excuse for infidelity, sex addiction is real and can cause many negative repercussions on the relationship and also on the addicted person.

  1. An exit.

When humans feel suffocated, people generally tend to try to figure out a way to have space or a way out. And often, this is looking for the alternative path…as in, towards other human beings. At this point, rogue is a completely tempting concept because they can’t think of any other way to break the connection.

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