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Being caring is a praiseworthy virtue. When we show or express our affection in a simple way, we give off good energy and attract people to us, seeing that everyone wants to be loved. Our relationships improve and we become better people.

In this article, we’ll show you 15 easy ways to show affection, to influence your relationships and friendships for the better.

1. Express your affection

We are human and we cannot read minds. If you stand by a bus and look at a person’s dress, no one will know what you really think of that dress until you tell someone. It’s the same way no one will know about your feelings and affection unless you find a way to express them.

To express affection, you first have to understand that affection is a good thing; being affectionate is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it is a sign of true strength. Now, learn to express your affection.

  • Talk about it.
  • Get close to the person you care about and let them know that you feel the same way about them.
  • Tell them that you care about them and that you want the best for them.
  • Say it with a bright smile on your face.
  • Express it in a reassuring way

It works like a charm.

Furthermore, according to one study, engaging in loving behavior directly alleviates stress symptoms after exposure to an acute stressor.

In the study, a group that expressed their feelings of affection to their loved ones through writing a letter experienced an accelerated recovery of cortisol (helps the body to recover from stress).

2. Be considerate

Being reflective is taking into consideration the feelings and needs of people; it is realizing that, like you, they are also human and facing problems similar to yours. A simple way to show affection is to be considerate.

Realize that we all make mistakes and display traits that many people find repulsive. Make room for people’s mistakes and develop the habit of looking at their bright sides instead of their not-so-bright sides.

Let your affection move you to consider them simply human, with flaws, and let it teach you to embrace them no matter what. Seek to see them comfortable, see them happy and sane.

3. Give them gifts from your heart

Giving is one of the most effective ways to show love and affection. When we give to people, we show them how much we care. We’re saying, “I thought of you, and that’s why I’ve decided to give you this.”

Giving doesn’t have to be just big things. As you learn to give to people, know that even small things matter; they matter because the motive behind each gift is what matters most.

According to research, the exchange of gifts can be considered an example of commitment and reinforce our social relationships with others. Give what you can, no matter how small. But let it come from your heart, from a place of goodwill and not selfishness.

4. Be there (support) for them:

One of the things we humans crave most is human connection and support. We almost never want to face difficult situations alone, so we turn to our friends and family for support when these difficult times come.

Show affection by being that friend your friends turn to when they’re in trouble. Be present for them. Give them one of the greatest gifts of all: your time and love. Give them your presence, offering them security in the truth that, with you, they are never truly alone.

5. Look for opportunities to refer them

Affective people do not only seek the good for themselves. They show love and affection seeking the good of others. Have you ever seen an ant around a piece of cake and, minutes later, the place was swarming with hundreds of ants? Affection works the same way.

Show the affection of your support network of friends and family by seeking out opportunities and referring them to these opportunities. It shows that you think a lot about them and want the best for them. It shows that you are a loving person.

6. Encourage them

Encouraging people involves helping them see that they are strong and capable of achieving anything they set their mind to, no matter how things turn out.

A simple way to show affection is to encourage people you care about. You can do it in various ways. Tell them that you believe in them a lot and you realize that they are capable of doing what they set out to do.

Also, be a safe space around them and don’t say words that are capable of dissuading them and their belief in themselves.

7. Be considerate

I talked about this a bit earlier when I mentioned something about being considerate. An easy way to show affection is to consider your friend’s feelings important, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.

Also, realize that they are human and capable of making mistakes. Realize that their flaws do not define them. Look at the positive side of his personality and not the dark side.

Doing this will make them feel loved and appreciated while helping you to be more caring and patient. You see, the thing about showing affection is that it doesn’t just help the person receiving the attention. It also helps you, the person showing love and affection.

8. Give them listening ears

We all want to be heard; because when someone listens to us, we feel that what we are saying is important. Just as our thought processes are appreciated. Try these simple ways to show affection to people you care about:

  • Listen to them.
  • Just let them talk about anything they want to talk about.
  • Don’t frown or make faces that suggest you’re exhausted.
  • Just radiate an aura that allows them to say what they want to say, how they want to say it.

9. Express appreciation

Our friends want to be appreciated. They want to know that their efforts, no matter how small, are appreciated. Show affection by appreciating your friends. Don’t wait until they’ve done something ‘big’ before you appreciate them.

Appreciate them even for small things. Little things matter a lot too, you know? Appreciate them for being your friend. Give thanks for the amazing times you both had together. Give thanks for small gifts you received or just a Facebook post that made you smile.

Studies have shown that gratitude evokes beneficial effects and positive outcomes in those who experience it. Higher life satisfaction, optimism, and lower stress levels result from showing appreciation to others.

10. Give them a friendly smile

A smile is like a compliment. When a baby sees a familiar face, she smiles in welcome. When a child receives a gift, even before saying thanks, she smiles.

Smile at your friends as an easy way to show them affection. Your smile means several things, including:

  • You are happy to see them: only people whose presence really makes you happy will be able to bring a smile to your face.
  • You think they are beautiful.
  • Also, you want them to feel comfortable; your smile is an approval that they are very welcome here, etc.

11. Give them hugs

“Giving” means that we consider hugs to be a gift of some sort. And it’s true; hugs are gifts; sometimes, many times, in fact, they are one of the best gifts we can give to the people we care about.

Hug your friends. Hug them for no reason, anytime an opportunity presents itself. Do you notice their joy? A hug. Do you notice his sadness? A warm hug. Greet them with a hug. All that body contact is capable of deepening your bond and friendship.

12. Express warm feelings (through visits, phone calls and messages)

Expressing warm emotions is a great way to show love and affection to your friends and loved ones. I miss them? Then, express this emotion by visiting them. I bet when they see you at their door they will smile broadly and feel loved.

Call them on the phone just to tell them that it crossed your mind. Send them postcards, etc. Even if they are small and apparently simple, these things help a lot when we do them with good will, with the desire to show affection.

13. See them in a positive light

Your friends and loved ones should be a treasure to you. You should try as much as you can to see them in a positive light, without letting their flaws and mistakes get in the way of how you feel about them.

This is not to say that you should turn a blind eye to their mistakes and pretend these mistakes don’t exist. No. In fact, pretending not to see someone’s mistakes can be the opposite of showing affection.

As a friend, you should talk about their mistakes sometimes, without judging them, looking for ways to help them overcome their shortcomings. Seeing them in a positive light means that you don’t focus on their flaws.

14. Rejoice in their achievements

Show love and affection by showing true happiness for the successes of your friends and loved ones. Your friend’s successes should not make you envious; rather, they should make you feel pretty good.

When your friend tells you about a recent success, be there to help them celebrate. Good friends not only help a person in times of sadness; they are also present in moments of happiness. Here are some simple ways to rejoice in your accomplishments.

  • Buy your loved one a drink.
  • Have a good time together.
  • Rejoice in your friend’s achievements.
  • Be his number one fan.
  • Congratulate.
  • Take them on a surprise outing.

15. Remember the little things:

Show affection to your loved ones by making them see that you have been attentive to them all the time. Remember the little thing:

  • Important moments of your life.
  • The anniversary of your friendship.
  • Remember something about someone that means a lot to them.

Remind them about that time you both went out and something weird happened. Talking about memories is a great way to awaken and express feelings of affection.

Also, review pictures of memorable moments and talk about them. This is a simple yet effective way to show love and affection to your friends and family.

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