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Do you know a guy you like and want to know how to tell him you like him without seeming desperate? You can try these tips without feeling uncomfortable or scaring him.

Every girl who has had a crush on a guy knows what it feels like to wait endlessly for him to make a move on them. Somehow you can tell that he might feel the same way about you even though he doesn’t seem willing to make the first move.

Girls react to this type of scenario in one of two ways. Some wait and keep waiting. And others don’t. They step forward to take the first step; They tell the boy that they like him. I want to believe that you are the type of girl who does not wait. If so, check out these fifteen ways to tell a guy you like him:

1. First realize that “saying” is many things

To tell a guy you like him, first keep in mind that “saying” is many things, and saying it can be done in ways that don’t involve talking. For example, you can tell a person that you’d like to stay outside without even moving your lips. All you have to do is tilt your head towards the door and they will catch it.

Clues like this are very important when trying to tell a guy that you like him. Realize this.

2. Let go of the fear of being rejected

To tell a guy you like him, you have to work on yourself and how you perceive rejection. A misperception of rejection will prevent you from making a move, even when you’re dying to do so.

Rejection can hurt, but you can handle it. Forget the fear of sounding awkward or being rejected. After all, how bad can it be? You’ll just get a No. Or, worst case, you’ll be laughed at. Nothing else.

A great way to deal with the fear of rejection is to look inward and realize how amazing and beautiful you are. Walk to a mirror and look at it: why would anyone reject that?

3. Compliment her

People love compliments because it makes them feel loved and appreciated. This is true. We almost always praise the things we love and admire. Like that dress, which you complimented at the end. Didn’t you love it?

If you want to tell a guy that you like him, start complimenting him a lot. Flatter his appearance; his beard, his smile, his clothes. Say it in a passionate way so he doesn’t get the feeling that you’re probably just making fun of him.

Compliments will open it. So even when he’s alone, he thinks of you and says, “He probably really likes me.”

4. Shows interest in your person

Remember what I mentioned in number 1? Saying is many things and can be done in many ways. But the important thing is that all forms of storytelling try to convey information.

The important thing is that the person understands it. You can tell a guy that you like him when you show genuine interest in his personality and thought process.

If you both spend a lot of time with him, make every second you spend with him count. Listen to him and don’t cut him off when he speaks. Give him the feeling that you care about him.

5. Show interest in his hobbies

You can tell a guy that you love him by being genuinely interested in his hobbies. That is, he likes the things he likes. For example, if he loves soccer, you can start watching and maybe play some soccer too.

Then one day you can say something like, “I can’t believe I love football now because of you.” Say it in a sarcastic way. Most likely, he will just laugh, but he will realize that you really like him.

6. Get him gifts

Gifts are a great way to show love. When we buy gifts for people, especially a boy we like, we are telling the person to their face that we think of them and that we think a gift would make them happy.

A guy who receives a gift from you will immediately know that you like him. If he likes you too, he will get closer to you.

7. Remember small details about him

Remembering small details makes people feel amazing. It means that you like them and are really interested in them. A great way to tell a guy you like him is by remembering little details about him.

For example, on an important day for him, be the first to wish him well or congratulate him. Be the first to ask how his day was.

If the two of you are close and talk to each other a lot, remind her of something that happened a while ago, something you both had a good laugh about.

8. Adjust your clothes

The next time you notice that his shirt is badly folded or his collar is out of place, walk up to him, smile at him and fix it. By doing this, you are showing that you care about how it looks and that you want it to look better.

He will immediately know that you like it. Definitely.

If possible, suggest new clothes. Point to a shirt the next time the two of you walk through a fashion store and say, “Hey, that really suits you.” Get him the cloth if you want, haha. This is a really effective way to convey to a guy that you like him.

9. Pay for things

The next time you’re with him, pay for whatever you can afford. The food, the transportation fee, anything.

You see, men understand the value of money very much; they know that for a person to spend money on anything, then he must really like that thing.

Spending money on it shows that you really like it. He may act like he doesn’t see it, but he does, and if he likes you too, he’ll get closer to you.

10. Come through it

Getting over someone means being there for them when they need you most. Imagine that this guy you like has been in a bad mood lately, go up to him and ask him why, and listen carefully as he talks to you.

You can say things like, “Hey, I’m always here if you need someone.”

Words like this give you a certain security. He knows that you care and possibly like him. If he likes you too, he will open up to you and get closer to you.

11. Ask him if he has a girlfriend

Approaching a guy and asking him if he has a girlfriend sends a series of thoughts through his mind. And among these thoughts, you will usually find one that is similar to: “Why did she ask me her? Did you like me?

If you like a guy, a great way to tell him is by asking him if he has a girlfriend and responding nicely to his answer.

For example, if he says no, you can respond by saying, “Wow, me too. I don’t have a boyfriend Wait, what are we? Be sure to use humor to your advantage.

12. Tell him personal things

You can tell him that you like him by telling him personal things about yourself. By personal things, I mean things that he considers secret.

Try to tell him about your past relationships. Also, tell a story about how you didn’t think you’d find someone this loving again until you met him.

You’re just letting him know that you really like him. And if she’s smart, she’s going to get it; she will approach you if she wants and wants you but will withdraw if you don’t.

13. Invite him to small events

You can tell a guy that you really like him by inviting him to events that only a few people will attend.

For example, if there’s a hangout you and your friends want to go to, invite it. Say something like, “Hey, my friends are throwing this party and I’d love for you to be there.”

People make those they love feel special. So if you’re telling her that she’s special, you’re telling her that you like her. Make him seem special, and his presence with you will mean a lot.

14. Show healthy jealousy

Jealousy can be healthy. And it can be a great sign. You can use it to show or tell a boy that you like him very much. Just don’t overdo it.

Tell him that you don’t like the way a certain girl hugged him, that it made you feel some way. Tell him he smiles too much at certain guys, a brighter smile than the one he shows you.

15. Tell him you like him

Just do it. Walk up to him and say the words. Simple. Hey I like you.

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