20 best cleaning supplies organizers under $35

As spring cleaning begins, you may be able to pick up new cleaning products or tools to help tackle deep cleaning jobs. Over time, all those products and tools become clutter, and instead of helping you clean, they become a hindrance.

Nonnahs Driskill, founding organizer of Get Organized Now, offers some general tips on organizing cleaning supplies: “No matter where you store your cleaning supplies, be sure to get rid of superfluous items so it’s easier to find the products you need. really use. .”

If cleaning products and tools have taken over all the spaces under the sink, making it impossible to get to the things you need, it might be time to add cleaning supplies to your spring cleaning checklist.

For example, Driskill says, “Some common clutter culprits I find under kitchen sinks are: bathroom cleaners (keep them in the bathroom where you use them); multiple products for the same kitchen job (pick an all-purpose cleaner and stick with it); gloves with holes (why?); bulk items or additional containers of the same products”.

Below, with the help of Driskill and other organization experts, we’ve rounded up 20 of the best products for organizing your cleaning supplies, all priced under $35.

You don’t have to limit yourself to a product’s intended use when it comes to organization solutions: For example, this non-damaging Command wall-mounted organizer is marketed as being for the shower, but its size works just as well for toiletries. cleaning as for shampoo. Try it in the laundry room to keep boxes of dryer sheets, small bottles of specialty detergent, clothespins, dryer balls, and other small laundry items organized, all while utilizing vertical space.

OXO Good Grips Lazy Susan Turntable, 11-Inch

Ann Lightfoot, founder of Done and Done Home, loves OXO’s Good Grips lazy susan, which she says, “Easily organizes anything from spices and oils in the kitchen to bathroom and cleaning supplies under the sink.”

Stickit Graphix Wall Mounted Broom/Mop Clips

Using vertical space for storage is a universal tip that professional organizers will offer, and organizing cleaning supplies is no exception. A wall-mounted mop and broom cart keeps those important tools neat and easy to use when you need them.

Hastings Plastic Door/Wall Mop and Broom Holder

Driskill calls this wall-mounted hanging organizer a “must have for storing anything with a handle: brooms, mops, rakes, and shovels.”

Command Spray Bottle Hangers

Many organization experts love 3M’s Command line of products, and Lisa Kron, a stay-at-home mom and organization enthusiast who documents her organization projects and gives advice at Smallish Home, is no exception. Kron uses these hangers designed to hold spray bottles to organize cleaning supplies under the sink.

Command tongs for brooms and mops

In addition to using Command’s mop and broom holders for their stated purpose, Kron came up with a genius idea for these grab hooks: He uses them to hold dish rods and scrub brushes under the sink, so they’re out of the way. out of sight but still close when you need them.

    Casabella Caddy Sink Faucet Sponge Holder

For those who prefer an in-sink sponge organizer, this one from Casabella is designed to hang from the sink faucet with an adjustable strap that fits most standard-size faucets. The cart has two compartments for storing sponges, dish rods, scrubbing brushes and more, and is equipped with drainage holes to prevent water from collecting, allowing wet items to dry faster.

Diversified Spectrum Above Cabinet Storage Basket

For little things like dish mitts, sponges or Brillo pads, Driskill says “try a mesh container that clips over the top of your cabinet door.”

SenYang Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner Accessories Storage Bag

Accessories are crucial to getting the most cleaning power out of your vacuum, but they’re hard to store, making it hard to find them when you need them. This hanging storage bag solves that problem by providing multiple pockets in which to store all kinds of vacuum cleaner accessories.

Champion Sports Mesh Sports Equipment Bag

For more DIY vacuum accessory storage, try this clever solution: place vacuum accessories in a mesh sports equipment bag that can be hung on a hook or hidden in a storage box, on a shelf, or on the floor . As a bonus, when you need multiple accessories for a job, you can simply pick up the bag and carry it into the room to be cleaned.

Round Spring Tension Coffee Bar for Bali Shades

Speaking of DIY solutions, hardly any DIY idea is more appreciated by professional organizers than using a tension rod to store cleaning solution bottles. “When it comes to organizing products,” says Driskill, “the humble tension bar steals my heart in many situations; under the kitchen sink is one of them.” Simply place the tension rod in an area under the sink and hang bottles from its trigger for neat, easy-access storage.

Hershii Tension Shelf & Rod Expandable Metal Storage Rack

The tension rod gimmick inspired this expandable storage rack and shelf. The tension spring design makes it a great option for renters or dorm residents who want extra storage space but don’t want to put holes in a wall or cabinet and risk fines.

ClosetMaid Hanging Basket for Wire Shelving

Wire shelves also provide a natural place to hang trigger spray bottles, making hanging baskets like this one a great way to store a full set of cleaning supplies right in the room where you’ll need them. Use the basket to store cleaning cloths, brushes, sponges, etc. and the wire edge of the rack to hang bottles.

Aiyaka 3 Tier Rolling Utility Storage Cart

Another staple in the professional organizer’s arsenal is the wheeled utility cart. Look for models like this one that have lockable wheels, so you can roll it from room to room while you clean, or leave it stationary while you grab the supplies you need for whatever task is on your to-do list.

Room Essentials 3-Drawer Wide Cart

This wide plastic storage cart can be used to set up a kind of cleaning “closet” in homes or rooms where traditional storage is limited. It comes with rollable wheels for a portable storage solution and has removable handles with stoppers to prevent drawers from being accidentally removed.

Max Houser 4 Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

Closet organizers aren’t just for accessories — they can be a great way to organize lightweight cleaning supplies like paper towel rolls, stacks of cleaning rags, or duster wands and refills.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Standard Bus/Service Box

Because each sink cabinet is so different, Driskill says he skips the caddies and stacking shelves. “We use a good old-fashioned plastic bucket to store cleaning supplies under the sink, if there is any,” he says, adding, “most people have too many cleaning supplies. No caddy will solve that problem!”

Casabella cleaning bucket with handle

For those who like a cart-style organizer, the Casabella Storage Cart is a great option. It’s designed to hold and store a variety of cleaning products including bottles, sprays, sanitizers, brushes, sponges, scouring pads, and rubber gloves, and it’s also durable enough to pull double duty to store gardening tools in. the garage or shed.

Storex Classroom Caddy Large with Cups

Class carts designed for school supplies can also be used for cleaning supplies. This model comes with six cup inserts, offering plenty of flexibility when it comes to configuring the cart to fit your supplies.

Teer Cross Portable Cleaning Bag

This portable cleaning cart is designed with multiple sections to hold bottles with elastic loops to keep them in place while you work. The bag also has 3 D-rings and steel clips to hold cloths and other items within easy reach. It has padded, adjustable shoulder and waist straps to help keep the weight of cleaning supplies balanced and the bag in place while you work.

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