Opinion: Not even Putin can ignore this domestic reality

Russian President Vladimir Putin couldn’t get a parade in the Ukrainian capital, but a parade is coming soon to Moscow and, whatever happens on the battlefield, the Russian President is likely to declare victory during that event three weeks from now. May 9 is when Russia marks one of its most important national holidays, Victory … Read more

Opinion: Abbott’s border policies are nothing more than a stunt

While he claims he was fighting drug cartels with executive actions, Abbott used state resources to design a personal cartel of intimidation to serve his political ambitions. In doing so, he flagrantly interfered with legal commerce and did so without probable cause, while hurting American businesses and consumers. The Constitution’s privileges and immunities clause guarantees … Read more

Shanghai reports first official Covid deaths since weeks-long lockdown imposed

Three elderly people aged between 89 and 91 died from Covid on Sunday, after their condition deteriorated in hospital, the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission said in a statement Monday. All three were unvaccinated and had underlying health conditions such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, according to officials. On Tuesday, Shanghai’s health … Read more

Opinion: On Tax Day, let’s ensure billionaires pay their fair share

Let’s be blunt: Musk’s plan to buy Twitter isn’t that big of a deal. Twitter is simply one of many social media platforms — and one only about 25% of American adults use. Instead of fighting over Musk’s purchase of Twitter, we should use the controversy over his $43 billion cash offer to ask how … Read more

Endangered rivers: Colorado River is most threatened the US, new report says

Matt Rice, the group’s director of the Colorado Basin Program, said that the climate crisis is really the theme of this year’s report. “The climate crisis is really a water crisis, and ground zero for that crisis is the Colorado River Basin,” Rice told CNN. “We are being pushed in realtime to live with the … Read more

Premarket: The world may dodge another recession. But risks are growing

World Bank President David Malpass told journalists that “severe overlapping crises” are weighing on the recovery. “There’s Covid-19, inflation and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” he said on Monday. Developing countries, many of which are facing high levels of debt and a plunge in the value of their currencies, as well as soaring food prices, are … Read more

Ukrainian commander requests international evacuation effort at Mariupol plant as situation is “critical”

The Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement Tuesday claiming that Russian forces had opened an evacuation corridor around the besieged Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, a claim dismissed by a Ukrainian police official on the scene. “Given the catastrophic situation that has developed at the Azovstal metallurgical plant in the city of Mariupol, and … Read more

Leonard Lim’s Exquisite Photography of John Brewer Reef – Watts Up With That?

Originally posted at Jennifer Marohasy’s Blog Jennifer Marohasy, The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) have been tasked with reporting on the state of the corals and coral cover. They surveyed John Brewer Reef in March, made no mention of any coral bleaching in their report, and stated coral cover to be just 21.8%. There … Read more