Blizzard Of 2022 Leaves More Than 2 Feet Of Snow In Several Massachusetts Towns – CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – The 2022 blizzard is official. Boston received 23.5 inches of snow on Saturday at Logan Airport, making January 29, 2022, the second largest January storm ever recorded in the city. This is now the seventh largest snow storm of all time in Boston’s recorded history.

The record remains 27.6 inches, set in February 2003.

Our first blizzard in four years was officially verified Saturday afternoon by the National Weather Service in Boston and several other parts of Massachusetts, including Worcester, Beverly, Hyannis, Marshfield and Martha’s Vineyard.

There was also a snowstorm in Providence, Westerly, Newport and Block Island in Rhode Island.

That’s not to say a blizzard didn’t happen elsewhere, it certainly did. These are just the places where the National Weather Service has official recording stations (known as ASOS) that recorded blizzard conditions.

To qualify, you must record visibilities equal to or less than a quarter mile of falling or blowing snow along with frequent wind gusts of 35 mph or greater. And all this has to happen for at least three consecutive hours.

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Many of the NWS stations stopped reporting mid-storm (likely windblown). If that hadn’t happened, we might as well have recorded an official blizzard in Chatham, Falmouth, Provincetown, and Smithfield, Rhode Island.


While we didn’t break any of the big records in Boston, this storm has a place in the record books:

  • Snowfall record for January 29. The previous record was 3.7 inches in 1928 (sort of a poor record, I know)
  • Second largest snow storm in January history in Boston. It was just shy of the January 27, 2015 storm, which dropped 24.6 inches.
  • 7th largest snow storm of all time (of any month) in Boston. He was 4.1 inches short of the 27.6 inches that fell in February 2003, the top dog on the list.
  • At 35.9” this month, January 2022 will go into the books tied with January 1978 for the fourth snowiest January on record.

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Boston is now at 36.3” for the season, more than a foot above average snow to date. This winter has been absolutely insane: 97% of the total snowfall for the entire season has fallen on two days, January 7th and 29th.

Breaking it down further, I could say that 97% of our snowfall this season in Boston has fallen in about 15 hours! Amazing!

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The jackpot with this storm was just south of Boston thanks to a heavy semi-stationary snow band that fell at 1-3” per hour for most of the day. Places like Sharon, Whitman, Rockland and Norton received more than two feet of snow, with some topping the 30-inch mark! Not to be outdone, North Shore also had some incredible totals. Swampscott and Danvers were among several cities north of Boston that ended with more than 2 feet of snow.


So where do we go from here?

Fortunately we have several days to catch our breath. It will be cold for the next few days, but bright and dry. We start to heat things up midweek, we should get into the 40s on Wednesday and Thursday. As for Friday, well, that’s another blog for another day. Let’s just say we COULD be looking at some ice or snow. I don’t know about you, but I need a little time to catch my breath before we start breaking down the next one!

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