Cute Texts Your Man Will Love

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Communication is always an important element in relationships – when you say goodnight to your man, send him sweet goodnight messages that will ensure that thoughts of you are all on his mind as he drifts off to sleep. Whether you’re looking for goodnight text messages for your boyfriend or goodnight text messages for your husband, we have plenty to choose from!

Maybe you feel like sending cute goodnight texts that will make them smile that goofy smile you love so much, or maybe you are looking for spicy goodnight texts that will make them feel the heat; Either way, you can find inspiration here in this list of cute good night messages for him!

Nice good night messages for your boyfriend

1. If my dreams are half as sweet as you are to me, it’s going to be a good night…

2. Is it possible to be so incredibly happy with someone that thinking about them makes it hard to sleep? Is that a thing? Because I think that’s happening to me rn…

3. Today was amazing… you’re amazing! Good evening!

4. By the way, you were absolutely adorable today when And I’m smiling to myself here remembering it. Good night babe!

5. You make me feel safe when we are together. I miss you already… sweet dreams.

6. Your arms. I miss them right now! Good night <3

7. I know I’ll see you again tomorrow, but the problem is that it’s so fucking exciting for me that now I can’t sleep and UGH, I miss you! Good evening!

8. Why does tomorrow feel so far away? Oh, that’s right, it’s because I have to spend the night without you to get there. Boooo good night <3

9. I wish you were here so I could feel those strong arms around me all night.

10. I’m lying here so thankful to have such a sweet boyfriend to text goodnight.

11. We spend the whole day together and I’m still like, no, I could go for more. I miss you, baby, good night!

12. You’re basically the boyfriend of my dreams… I hope I see you in my dreams too!

13. To the man who stole my heart: good night <3

14. Sweet dreams to the man of my dreams!

15. It’s funny because I know I have to sleep to get to see you again tomorrow, but the excitement of seeing you again makes it hard to fall asleep and what is this witchcraft you have used on me? It doesn’t matter, I like it, keep it up <3

16. The more I learn about you, the more I like you. I’m fine with this! Good night babe!

17. If a genie came along and granted me three wishes, the first would be more wishes because duh, but then the second would be to be in your arms again. Good night darling.

18. I’m going to sleep now so I can dream about you…

19. I’ll dream of you if you dream of me, k? <3

20. I’m pretty sure I’m going to dream about you tonight, I literally can’t stop thinking about you today!

21. It’s so much harder to fall asleep alone now that I know how strong your snuggle game is…

22. The dream version of you is still pretty amazing, but the real you is so much better. I guess I’ll take what I can… good night!

23. Do you know how some people count sheep to fall asleep? I count the reasons why you’re great.

24. Sweet dreams to the boy who stole my heart!

25. I’ve dreamed of you every night this week, what the hell did I dream of before you? Who cares, I’m heading towards more dreams of you… Goodnight <3

26. It was amazing spending the day with you today! I’ll have more of that, please. Good evening!

Hot and flirty goodnight texts for him

Man lying in bed smiling and reading flirty good night texts for him

27. Today was a very, very good day… you know what part of the day I’m talking about!

28. I wish you were here so we could continue what we started before… I miss you, good night!

29. I keep thinking about how your arms feel around me, the taste of your lips, just… Ugh, now I’m DEFINITELY going to have a hard time falling asleep!

30. I can’t stop thinking about you, baby! I think my dreams might be X-rated tonight.

31. I have some very naughty thoughts about you right now, can’t wait to share them with you tomorrow…hehe!

32. I miss you guys so much right now…as do ALL of you, if you know what I mean.

33. Remembering what we did before makes it hard to go to bed alone here… goodnight there!

34. I need a fan or something to cool down in here, just thinking about how hot you are keeps me awake!

35. I can still smell you on my sheets. So it is very, very difficult to fall asleep.

36. I wish you were here to hug me right now, but something tells me we wouldn’t get much sleep…

37. Thinking of you and that thing you do with your tongue that drives me crazy… it’s definitely going to take me a while to sleep here!

38. I know you told me to have sweet dreams, but I think I’d prefer them to be a little spicy tonight…

39. I know in my head that it is time to go to sleep, but my body says that I would rather be with you again…

40. So if I told you what I’m wearing right now… or what I’m not wearing right now… would you respond the same way?

41. My body aches from missing you so much…

42. If I told you that I feel naughty and well, what would you say about it?

43. I know we need to get some sleep tonight, but I can’t stop fantasizing about spending the night with you…

44. It’s not fair that you’re so incredibly horny that he wants you all the time and can barely sleep because of it.

45. I wish you were here… the memories of you are driving me crazy and I would like to return the favor.

Sweet good night messages for your husband

Smiling man lying on sofa reading sweet good night texts for his husband

46. ​​​​I know you have/have to take time off for work, but you have me so spoiled that I hate sleeping without your arms around me.

47. Anything that keeps me away from you and those big strong arms at bedtime sucks, just saying.

48. Marriage should mean never being deprived of your amazing bedtime hugs, texting goodnight is just not the same!

49. I’m on my way home babe, can’t wait to climb into our big comfy bed with you!

50. To my big, strong, and massive husband: I miss you and can’t wait to get back together. Good evening!

51. I hope you are having a good night, darling. Our bed never feels quite right without you in it.

52. I know sometimes work keeps you up late, but as your spouse, I’d rather be the one to keep you up late, if you get my drift!

53. Sleeping without my husband: 0/0 I do not recommend it. Good night babe!

54. Not everyone has a super hot husband to miss for the night, so I know I should feel lucky, but instead I feel incredibly deprived of your strong and comfortable arms wrapping around me!

55. To my husband who still moves me… good night my love.

56. Good night, although for me a night is never as good as when I fall asleep in your arms.

57. You are still my favorite person and I know how lucky I am to have you… goodnight babe.

58. Sweet dreams? Psssh, it’s easier said than done if you’re not by my side.

59. My favorite part of the day is when I get into bed next to you… I’m home early, honey!

60. To my husband who has pampered me so much that I find it hard to sleep without your arms around me… Good night, I love you!

61. Roses are red, violets are blue, no one has ever had a husband as sweet as you… good night!

62. I hope you are having a good night, love. Sweet Dreams.

63. Goodnight to my favorite snuggle buddy, I love and miss you.

64. I’m proud of you for working so hard, but I miss those big, strong arms that surround me as I drift off to sleep…good night, honey.

65. I’m keeping the bed warm for you, baby. Hurry home, good night!

There are so many ways to show love and affection, but a cute goodnight message is a sweet way to remind her that she’s in your thoughts! Whether you’re sending flirty goodnight messages to your boyfriend or husband, a quick goodnight message to him will increase the chances that even if you can’t physically be in his arms, you can be in his dreams this time! evening!

Sweet dreams and happy flirting!

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