Did I Chase This Guy Away by Being Too forward?

Did I chase this guy for being too bold?

You made the “cardinal” mistake of becoming the “hunter” instead of the “selector.”

Do not constantly forget this golden rule: guys like to be “hunters”, they need to woo a girl and make her love him. The woman, however, becomes the “selector”, making a decision as to whether or not she can provide the “satisfaction” of her love. “Did I go after this guy for being too bold?”

In your case, you made the wrong card as an expression of your love for him. Even if you had fallen in love with him, you would have achieved much more if you had kept it to yourself and waited for him to make the rounds. A guy seems to have won a million dollars when he “gets” the girl from him. Alternatively, if the woman becomes “soft”, she loses interest. This is not true for all guys; there are many “shy” men who like the woman to circulate first.

Outside of your description of this man, he pretty much doesn’t seem like a “shy” guy now. In truth, he seems to be quite a “charismatic” guy. He manifestly likes you, however, you want him to “fall in love” with you. The only way he will appear is as long as you are a “challenge”. “Did I go after this guy for being too bold?”

Another mistake, of course, was traveling to his neighborhood, instead of asking him to come. If the man really likes you, he would gladly force three hours every week to be with you. So you’re on tour to meet him, he seems a bit “determined”, that’s what he possibly would have felt like. You must have waited for me to circulate it. If he wants to be with you, he will make his intentions very clean.

So what should you do now? Just play cool. Don’t go near him again. I hope he makes the flow of it. He gets him to be attracted to you by being a “commitment.” As a woman, you always have the freedom to be the “selector”, why do you want to give up this “right”? Even if you absolutely “love” him, don’t make him annoying, he won’t get you anywhere. In fact, if he feels like you’re “hooked” on him, he’ll probably start treating you less gracefully. “Did I go after this guy for being too bold?”

be a chore for a boy

Here are some suggestions on how to be a chore for a guy:

Don’t call him, let him name you

If you keep calling him, it only suggests that you are desperate to talk to him. At some point in the initial part of the connection, its quality allows the partner to name you. If he doesn’t name you, he’s just suggesting that he has other “women” in his existence or maybe he loves his “job” more than women. Either way, you recognize that he’s not interested if he rarely calls.

Be a bit reserved during preliminary dates.

If you allow too much intimacy on first dates, the guy will likely think you’re “clean.” She acts like the reserved woman who is shy to kiss and touch, at least on first dates. Let him touch and allow him to initiate the kiss. Be “shy”, most men love this feature in the ladies. “Did I go after this guy for being too bold?”

Dress elegant, although “modest”

Many men tend to have well-known women who dress modestly. Also, if a woman wears a revealing dress to this point, a man usually assumes that she can’t wait to get laid. That is what a man thinks, although the woman no longer dressed for that purpose in any sense. So dress absolutely elegant but make sure to be “modest” with the presentation part.

If he loves you, he will go after you. If she doesn’t, she just moves on. When a man is in love, he certainly becomes upset because every movement of his will conveys his “choice”. Being a chore obviously suits a girl. So let your instincts do the activity for you. As soon as he has expressed his love for you, you can allow yourself to be free to express your emotions. Until then, just play the game ready. “Did I go after this guy for being too bold?”

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