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Facts About Love

Love is a passionate feeling that someone will ever love to have, for the rest of his or her life. It’s a feeling that you cannot ignore no matter how much you try to control it, it must surely find its way out, for the fact that the feelings are there it must definitely show one day. “Facts About Love”

There are so many things that you need to Know about love which is very important in our lives today.

Facts about love have to do with everything about love which is real in our different lives. So if you are looking for facts about love, maybe you are having a hard time understanding what love is all about, and how you can feel loved whether from someone or by yourself, relax as we will be writing on the topic today, for you to be able to understand and know more about Love.
Below are the facts about love with detailed information.

Facts About Love

1. Love can be warm and cold.
2. Love promotes healthy living.
3. Romantic love is a natural painkiller.
4. Love synchronizes two hearts together through eye contact.
5. Love retains life.
6. Love needs to be blind to survival.
7. Pure love shares a similar chemical connection.
8. Love can be addictive.
9. Your emotions can play tricks on your heart sometimes.
10. Cuddling triggers the same amount of neurological reactions as a painkiller.

Love can be warm and hot.

When there is an understanding in a relationship, with the presence of love there, that relationship tends to be warm and enjoyable. Still, when there is a leakage in understanding, there will be a scorching and unenjoyable relationship because no one will accept defeat among the two couples, where by bringing a lot of misunderstanding in a relationship.

Love promotes healthy living.

Since falling in love is a nice feeling to have, love also promotes healthy living in a relationship. Where there are happiness and peace, there’s always good health, apart from normal sickness. True love promotes your health even without enough financial support that pleasure alone goes a long way to your nerves.

“Facts About Love”

Romantic love is a natural painkiller.

A hug with your partner is the best painkiller pills to give to them, for it calms so many things down by giving you relief to all. So hug each other in a relationship, not only when she gives you something, or he does the same, you can as well wish yourself goodnight with a lovely warming hug. You can welcome each other with hugs and simple kisses, and it calms down the nerves.

Love synchronizes two hearts together through eyes contact.

When two lovers who are in love, look directly into each other’s eyes, their heart synchronizes and connects. Eye contact is one of the fastest means of transmission of feeling.

Love retains life.

When you are in love, and it happens that you ended up with the one you love, and both of you love each other. Their lives tend to extend and healthy as well. True love keeps your life on and steady with happiness.

Love needs to be blind to survival.

In love, it’s not every mistake you see that you will tackle. There are certain things that you need to ignore for that moment, at least so that the relationship will survive. It’s not supposed that your partner must be perfect before love can exist. You don’t need to be accurate as long as there’s love, there must be a bit of blindness to some certain extent in a relationship.

Pure love shares a similar chemical connection.

For instance in chemistry, combination of sodium + hydrogen + oxygen = sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Same interest thing is applicable in love. Care + concern + understanding = Love. Commitment + sacrifice + Forgiveness = Love. So it’s similar to chemical connection.

“Facts About Love”

Love can be addictive.

It is possible and right to be addictive when you are in love. People may be seeing you as someone that is on drugs or under a spell, but it might not be true. Some people are so committed to the one they love, especially when that person likes them back, no matter how little love maybe.

Your emotions may play tricks on your heart sometimes.

This is true, so many people love their ex more, especially after dumping them. Their emotions tend to grow higher after dropping them, and that will make them overreact and start misbehaving due to that, emotional tricks are playing on them.

Cuddling triggers the same amount of neurological reactions as a painkiller.

If you are stressed up, go to your partner and hug the stress down, hugging or cuddling triggers the number of neurological reactions as a painkiller. It’s a reaction that occurs to relieve your pain and makes you feel relax and okay again.

Love is a natural painkiller and a feeling that is created directly from God, which no one can be left alone, unless you have a phobia for love. Even if you have an aversion, there’s a limit it can also go, and you will start feeling that love, but that should be the work of the person that falls for you.

Facts about love have to deal with everything that love can offer in a lifetime.
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“Facts About Love”

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