For Men – The Sixteen Commandments Of Dating

The sixteen relationship commandments

  1. Never say ‘I love you’ first

Women must experience as if they have to push boundaries to win a person’s heart. They yearn for the enterprise of capturing a person’s hobby who has different girls vying for his interest and sooner or later prevail over his grudging reluctance to grant his exclusive exclusivity. The man who offers the emotional international of him away too easily robs the girls of the pride of earning his love. Although you will be in love with her, do not say it before she has said it. Show compassionate restraint for her desire to conflict in the direction of yin achievement. She encourages her to take the leap for you, and she will return your desire a thousand times over. “For Men: The Sixteen Commandments of Dating”

two. make her jealous

Flirt with other girls in front of her. Now don’t discourage other women from flirting with you. Ladies will never admit this no matter how much jealousy excites them. The thought of you turning on another lady will arouse her sexually. No woman wants a man that no other girl wants. The partner who harnesses the storm of jealousy controls the path of connection.

3. You will make your commitment, not your lady, your precedence

Forget all the romantic clichés of the main guy proclaiming his undying love for the woman who completes him. Despite some protests to the contrary, women do not have to be “the only ones” or the center of a person’s life. In fact, they want to subordinate themselves to the reason for the life of a worthy man, help him obtain that reason with the female help of him, and follow the path that he sets. You need to recognize a girl’s integrity and not keep tricking her into saying “you’re everything.” She is not all yours, and if she is, she will soon be yours. “For Men: The Sixteen Commandments of Dating”

Four. Don’t play by their rules

If you allow a woman to set the tone, she will resent you with a seething contempt that not even a rapist can inspire. The strongest woman and the most strident feminist wants to be directed and directed to a more effective man. Polarity is at the core of a healthy love relationship. She no longer needs the prerogative of stepping over you along with her capricious needs and her fickle moods. Her emotions are a typhoon, her soul a saboteur. She thinks of yourself as a bulwark against her storm. Whether she clings to a pillar to steady herself against the whipping winds or yearns for an authority figure to thwart her worst instincts, it is you who must be there, strong, solid, unwavering and unmovable. “For Men: The Sixteen Commandments of Dating”

5. Meet the golden ratio

Give your lady 2/3 of everything she offers you. For every three calls or texts, return two. Three declarations of affection win in return. Give her tokens of love and warn until she has responded with three more. When she speaks, you respond with fewer words. While she gets excited, you get less excited. The idea behind the golden ratio is twofold: it establishes your greatest cost by having her pursue you, and it shows that you have the self-control to avoid getting carried away with her private dramas. Refraining from reciprocating everything she does for you to the same degree instills in her the right mindset of belief for your greater fame. In the deepest bowels of her is what she really wants. “For Men: The Sixteen Commandments of Dating”

6. keep her guessing

Royal to their inscrutable natures, the ladies ask questions that they really don’t want direct solutions for. Woe to the man who plays it directly! His fate is beta suffering. Avoid, annoy, obfuscate. She thrives when she has to deal with what you think of her, and withers when she is aware of how you feel. A woman may also need protection from money and from her own family, but now she doesn’t want the security of passion. In the same way, as long as she has displeased you, she punishes quickly, but as long as she has done you good, she rewards slowly. She rewards her good behavior intermittently and unpredictably and she will never tire of running hard to please you.

7. Continuously keep two inside the kitty

In no way allow yourself to be a “kept boy”. A man with alternatives is a person without needs. Build confidence and encourage boldness with women if there is another woman, a safety net to catch you in case you slip and risk a breakup, divorce, or loss of a prospect, leading to loneliness and a period of exhausting drought. A woman realizes as soon as she has slept with a person that she has abdicated a degree of her electricity; when she has fallen in love with him, she has given almost everything. But love is fleeting and in time she too might rediscover her electricity and threaten to leave you. It is far the last trump card of hers. Withdrawing all her love and her entire body in one act will send your soul in case you are faced with considering only the empty abyss. Knowing that there is someone else you can turn to for affection will improve your will and fulfill your manhood. “For Men: The Sixteen Commandments of Dating”

8. Say you’re sorry only if it’s absolutely important.

Now don’t say you’re sorry for every wrong thing you do. It’s a submissive stance no man should reflexively adopt, regardless of how alpha he is. Apologizing increases the demand for further apologies. He will come to assume your contrition, as a cat expects food from him at a set time every day. After which your value will diminish in his eyes. Alternatively, when he has done something wrong, you need to know his guilt at a glance without resorting to the actual words “I’m sorry.” Pull the Bill Clinton maneuver and say “mistakes were made” or tell him he “got it wrong” about what he did. You will be given two “I’m sorry for the life of your relationship, please use them accurately” gifts. “For Men: The Sixteen Commandments of Dating”

9. Connect with their emotions

Differentiate yourself from different guys and connect with the emotional landscape of a girl. Her thoughts are of an alien world that requires skillful navigation to get to her date. She plays in the surf of emotions as opposed to the arid desert of logic. Be playful. Engage all your senses. Describe in exuberant elements the eventualities to set your heart on fire. Give your feelings freedom to roam. TO WANDER. Yes, that may be an appropriate phrase. You are no longer on a linear path with her. You are wandering everywhere, taking her on a journey. In this global, there is no desire to complete thoughts or draw conclusions. There may only be a desire to experiment. You’re holding her hand and walking with her down an endless, labyrinthine, endless alleyway, laughing and letting your arms float on the cobblestone partitions along the way. “For Men: The Sixteen Commandments of Dating”

10. Forget its splendor

The person who trains his mind to master his mind’s reward facilities while pondering the face of a charming woman will magically transform his interactions with women. His apprehension and self-acknowledgment will soften, paving the way for more honest and self-possessed interactions with the devices of his desire. This is one of the reasons why the best Lotharios drown in a love bigger than they can handle: through positive relationships with so many beautiful women they lose their awe of beauty and, in turn, their helplessness under its spell. . It will help you get in the right frame of mind to avoid using the words sexy, gorgeous, gorgeous, or beautiful to describe women who turn you on. Instead, you tell yourself “she’s exciting” or “she might be worth looking into.” Never compliment a woman on her looks, especially now that you’re not a girl you’re not fucking. Turn off that part of your mind that wants to put them on pedestals. Another top training to reach this realm of single zen transcendence is to sleep with a lot of attractive girls (try to avoid sleeping with a lot of nasty women in case you don’t want to back down). Soon you will be a lover of the Jedi. “For Men: The Sixteen Commandments of Dating”

11. Being irrationally self-assured

Regardless of your station, walk the sector with no apologies or excuses. The number no longer counts if objectively you are not the excellent man a girl can get; what issues is what you think and act as you are. Women have the intuition of a dog to discover the weaknesses of men; don’t make it easy for them. Self-confidence, justified or not, triggers submissive emotional responses in women. Irrational self-belief will give you more pussy than rational defeatism.

12. Maximize your strengths, decrease your weaknesses

Within the enhancement of ourselves as men, we draw girls into our orbit. To perform this gravitational pull as painlessly and efficiently as possible, you must recognize your natural abilities and shortcomings and distribute your efforts accordingly. If you are a good prankster, don’t waste your time and power seeking to increase your reputation in philosophical debate. In case you write correctly but dance poorly, don’t kill yourself trying to spread your manly affection on the dance floor. Your goal should be how to attract girls effortlessly, so play to your strengths no matter what they are; there is a groupie for every male entrepreneurship. “For Men: The Sixteen Commandments of Dating”

13. Err for too much boldness, rather than too little

Touching a woman inappropriately on the first date gets you closer to her than not touching her at all. Don’t let a girl’s fake outrage at your boldness sway you, she secretly likes you while a person aggressively pursues what she wants and makes her sexual intentions known. You shouldn’t be an asshole, however, if you don’t feel like it, being an inconsiderate asshole beats being a well-mannered beta, whenever that is.

14. Beep your right

Bleep her love, Bleep her so correct, so hard, so lewd, so profligate that she remains a quivering, sparkling mass of quivering flesh and sexual fluids. Drain it from the whole lot and then drain it some more. Kiss her all the time, make love to her all night, and keep her close to her in the morning. Very typical of her frame, typical of her gratitude, personal of her love. In case you don’t know how, she learns how to give him squirting orgasms. “For Men: The Sixteen Commandments of Dating”

15. Keep your state control

You are an oak. You will no longer be manipulated through crying, yelling, mendacity, mind games, sexual withdrawal, jealousy tricks, pity plays, shit exams, disappearing acts, or feelings of guilt. She will rain and thunder around you and you will protect her until the storm passes. She now she will not drag you into her chaos nor will she uproot you. If you have dominion over yourself, you can have dominion over her.

16. Never be afraid of losing her

You must not fear. Worry is the killer of love. Worry is the triumph of the ego that brings abject loneliness. You will face your concern. You can allow it to pass over and through you. And when your ego-fear is gone, you will turn and face your lover, and just your heart will remain. You will walk away from her while she has violated your integrity, and you will allow her to walk while her heart is closed to you. She, who can pamper you, controls you. Don’t give him that force on you. Love yourself before loving her. “For Men: The Sixteen Commandments of Dating”

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