Green EU States Activating Emergency Fuel Rationing Plans – Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The European Green Energy Transition fantasy is in tatters as Putin’s demand that Europeans pay for Russian gas in rubles sparks panic across the EU.

With war in Ukraine and threats from Putin, Europeans eagerly await energy rationing

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Energy analysts and government officials have warned that Europe could soon face diesel and natural gas rationing.

European countries face the possibility of energy supplies being rationed as the dispute between Moscow and the West over payments for Russian exports continues.

European countries rely heavily on oil and gas deliveries from Russia, but Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in late February prompted the EU and UK to impose a series of sanctions that included cutting imports. Russian energy.

Germany warned on Wednesday that it could soon face a natural gas emergency that could require rationing. of gas supplies. German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said the “early warning” measure did not yet mean the country had to resort to gas rationing, but he called on consumers and businesses to reduce their energy consumption.

Meanwhile, Austria’s government announced on Wednesday that it had activated the first step of a three-stage emergency plan that would see it monitor the country’s gas market more closely. Officials cited Russia’s demand for ruble payments as the reason for activating the contingency plan, noting that if it reaches the third stage of the plan, emergency control measures such as rationing could come into effect.

putin said last week what the Kremlin will seek payment in rubles for gas sales from “unfriendly” countries — a demand that has been rejected by the G-7 nations. Thursday, the Russian leader said he had signed a decree saying that foreign buyers must pay in rubles for Russian gas from April 1.

diesel rationing

Meanwhile, Jim Watson, professor of energy policy and director of the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources, said it was “certainly possible” that the UK could see government-imposed car fuel rationing.

Rory Stewart, former British Minister for International Development and Senior Fellow at the Jackson Institute at Yale, he said in a tweet earlier this month that it is possible to reduce the income that Russia receives from oil exports by focusing on reducing demand.

“It would take a government and civilian effort equivalent to the Covid response,” he said.

His proposed policies, which he said should remain in place during the crisis in Ukraine, included reduce UK speed limits to 50 miles per hourmake all public transportation free, and asking companies like Uber to open up technology that would allow free ride-sharing between civilians.

“This would reduce the demand and price of Russian oil, [and] have a catastrophic impact on Putin,” Stewart said.

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It is impossible to impose meaningful sanctions on a country that has something you need and cannot live without.

But it only takes 3-5 days to bring a fracking well to Production. Obviously, it will probably take more time to carry out detailed studies and drill test wells, and to assemble qualified people and equipment, but some of these studies have already been done, at least in a preliminary stage.

Britain had productive fracked shale gas wells in Lancashire, very close to where the pensioner pictured at the top of the page lives, until they decided to shut them all down. the british government decided at the beginning of February to forcibly close the productive fracking wells and seal them with concrete, against the wishes of the site owner.

The point is that there is unequivocal evidence that Europe could produce substantial amounts of its own gas, by adopting fracking. Europe could at least try to put this gas into production, in time for next winter.

But Europe’s leaders, including British leaders, are still refusing to take any obvious defensive action against the very real shortages their people could face this winter. Judging by their actions, they would rather their people freeze to death than admit that Trump was right about fracking. They would rather impose rationing, hardship and suffering on ordinary European people than admit the failure of their absurd green energy fantasies.

remember those productive shale gas wells in Lancashire that The British government forcibly closed a few weeks agowhen your politicians demand that you accept energy rationing.


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