He is Too Busy for Me

he is too busy for me

What’s your excuse this time? He has to work late, practice, drink with his co-workers, attend a random appointment with a health professional, deal with a new pet monkey left behind by his friend, accompany his grandmother who is coming to town, and many others. Regardless of the excuse, you may discover why conversations unexpectedly go from sweet and steady to short and sporadic. “He is too busy for me”

He is too busy for me: what does this surely imply?

Even though we’re all busy and a lot can happen, there’s no reason we can’t find time to date someone we really like. When you meet a man and things are going well, he seems promising so you get excited and then… POOF! Where does it cross? Surprisingly, the consistency and all the momentum from the start starts to wear off. You’re pressured because he was acting and talking while he was just becoming you. Why would he need him to push you away? Did something scare you? “He is too busy for me”

There’s a good chance there’s something more behind his mysterious and sudden “busy” behavior. Men are hunters and they love to go after something they really want. He’s not going to give up after the first half of the game unless he’s protecting himself for one of many circumstances. Here are some meanings of capacity:

  • He met someone else who likes him better.
  • Displacement of interest in you or you are not interested in dedicating yourself now.
  • You definitely don’t have time to chase after a courtship anymore.
  • He’s not into it, but he wants to keep you hanging in case he changes his mind.

If he isn’t dealing with these kinds of more sensible scenarios, then he might just understand that you’re headed for a full date. You might feel like he’s possibly “too busy for me,” but he’s actually afraid of dedication. At this point, it’s easy for him to get caught up in other things, so you can conclude that he doesn’t know what he wants anymore. His ambivalence is not always a great sign for the fate of the connection. You should consider the chance that he also wants to end this relationship.

he is not constant

As said, that’s the biggest sign that something fishy is going on with him aside from real life issues. While dating a person, the exceptional way to show affection is to be regular. Suddenly, he gets lost in the movement or the days go by without him checking on you. If he was willing to be serious, this inconsistent behavior would not occur. “He is too busy for me”

It is not clear from the beginning what he wants.

You find yourself more and more involved, while he seems to leave things open. Possibly after a few months, you realize that you don’t realize exactly where he is. This is a great pink flag that is not extreme at all.

He talks about his ex too often.

Whether or not he coincidentally mentions her in flashbacks or mentions her intentionally, now is not a good sign. You may be wondering “he is too busy for me”, but he really does have the standard of a second mind. If he isn’t prepared to give you all of his interest, then he doesn’t deserve you. “He is too busy for me”

He’s not that excited while you come in a sturdy

While a man is totally into you, he could go into reverse. In case he discovers that he is acting distant and too busy to stay, he may be trying to tell you that he doesn’t feel the same way as you.

He still uses dating websites or apps.

Chances are, if you’re active on dating apps like Tinder, you might be talking to some of those prospects. Busy or not, if his emotional power isn’t fully engaged with you and the connection, then it’s not extreme.

You got that gut feeling like something’s wrong

It is very important that you allow him to trust his gut when approaching new relationships. Don’t ignore your instinct if you feel something isn’t right. You may like him more than you, and that’s okay. However, in case you cannot feel the love from him or your gut tells you that there might be something wrong, then you should definitely think about your relationship a second time.

He doesn’t use the word “we” when describing things.

While a guy likes a woman, he wants to do percentage studies with her. He will often specify this by uttering terms like “We should go to my favorite restaurant next week!” or “We need to see that new movie quickly.” men who are extreme want the woman to notice her and want to be around her more. If he’s not stern, then maybe he’ll just say, “I can’t wait to see that new movie.” When he sees this abundance, he may want to find a new date for that delicious restaurant. “He is too busy for me”

You are no longer initiating plans most of the time.

If he’s slacking off or you notice that you’re usually the only one making plans for the next date, then he’s clearly not looking for a commitment and it’s not just because he’s too busy for you. Real guys who want a date will show you ending maximum communication with plans in place to see you again. He must be very excited for the next time he sees you. Keep this in mind the next time he just got off the phone without asking you out or refuses to offer you something fun to do together. “He is too busy for me”

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