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You’re more likely to get a woman who shows initial interest in you than one who doesn’t. This is why you should try to go after women who, through suggestive and feminine behavior, tell you that they want you to approach them.

Those women will cooperate with you; they’ll make things easier, and you’ll find that going after them doesn’t wear you down or make you sick.

Do you think it’s time to make a move on your crush? Here’s how to tell him he wants you to make that move:

1. He winks at you a lot:

Women can be subtle. Very subtle. They rarely come out clear, either verbally or physically. If a woman wants to eat a cake, for example, she will most likely not say that she wants to eat a cake. Rather, she will tell you a suggestive story.

You can talk about your childhood, how you used to eat your grandmother’s cakes and how good they tasted, and you could end the conversation with, “I saw a cake stand down the street.”

This suggestive behavior is welcoming. She is bringing you into her world, enticing you to make that move with her.

When he winks at you too often, opening his face into a smile when the two of you meet, realize that he is most likely flirting with you. Take this as a green light and start plotting your moves on how you will make a move on it.

2. You catch her staring

A woman who likes you will have her eyes on you. Not in the scary, mean way of a class teacher anyway. She will have her eyes on you in the softest way possible.

Let’s say you’re in class, at the mall, or just sitting with other friends. You will find that every time you turn around, his eyes are there, soft on you, full of admiration.

He will look at you as if, pardon the exaggeration, you fell from the sky on a rainy night and were blown away by the wind. When your eyes meet, she will quickly avert hers and you may find her blushing and giggling.

Don’t think he’s just doing these things. she’s not. She likes you. She wants you to make a move. In her mind, something beats, waiting for you to come and tell her that you feel the same way she feels about you.

3. Drop by for no reason

You are in your seat. So, for no reason, she comes over to say hello. The hello is brief, punctuated by silence, and then a giggle, and then she’s gone. Two minutes later, she’s back in your seat and it’s the same Hello again. She laughs. And again.

This may seem annoying at first, especially if you’re a shy person who doesn’t like awkwardness and doesn’t want to be the center of onlookers’ attention.

But, she doesn’t want to hurt. She is just subtly conveying her feelings, letting you know that she wants you to make a move on you and she wants you to do it ASAP.

4. She starts a conversation

“Uhmmm. mmm. It’s a clear sky today.” You know those awkward conversations that make people laugh? Expect a lot of that when a girl likes you and wants you to make a move on her.

Every time he sees you alone, without your friends, he will come over and start starting these conversations with you.

Be cozy with her. Laugh when things get weird and joke around with her. Not too much, but change it. Look at her blush. Do it for fun.

5. She double texts and keeps texts long and concise.

Hey are you busy? How many times has he sent you that when your responses got slower? Many times? Then have no doubts. He likes you.

A woman who likes you will always want to be around you, be it physically or in the media. She will always want to talk to you, and every time she feels you drift away, she will get closer until she gets your vibe back.

Your texts will be long and very concise. As a narrator, he will give you details of how his day went, down to the smallest detail.

When she does these things, she is suggesting that you make a move on her.

6. She calls late at night

One of the many ways a woman can show interest in you is by calling you late at night. When he does this, he is subtly saying that he misses you and wants you to be the last person whose voice he wants to hear.

On the phone, I might compliment the texture of your voice. “Hey, your voice sounds so deep.”

Consider this a green flag. When a woman compliments a masculine trait in a man, she is very attracted to him. The feminine is attracted to the masculine.

7. She suggests dates

A woman who likes you will probably suggest a date for both of you. While she may not directly do it, she will suggest one. “Hey, I found this place down the street. It’s really beautiful, and I know we’ll love it there.”

When she does this, you’d better smile and consider this an invitation to make a move on her.

8. She uses the word “we” a lot.

In essence, women want to be with a man they find attractive. So, intuitively, she will pair up with him even before the actual pairing happens.

She will use the word “we” a lot in her conversations, signaling to him to consider the possibility of the two of them becoming something.

9. She talks about her past relationships

Women are often secretive about their past relationships, especially the ones that really hurt them. They only open up to safe people, with whom most of the time they want to be.

When he talks about his past relationship, he says that his friendship with her is nothing alike, suggesting that their friendship is much better, he should consider making a move on her.

10. She compliments you

When a woman compliments you, she’s just pointing out the things she loves about you. Therefore, be careful what she supplements. your personality? Your appearance?

If she praises these things, you have to make a move on her. He likes you.

11. She makes fun of you for being single

“It was cold last night. How do singles like you, like us, survive the cold? When a woman says things like this, she is doing two things:

  • She’s making it clear to you that she’s single.
  • She is suggesting that you consider a relationship with her.

Do not doubt it; He likes you. Do that move on her.

12. She comes for you

A woman who likes you will go out of her way to be there for you when you need her. She will try to be there, to be close when you need her.

If she’s like this with you, chances are she wants you to make a move on her.

13. She wants you to see her wardrobe

If your girl sends you a couple of photos every morning and asks you to choose the dress you would like her to wear, you should know that she likes you.

She most likely wants you to make a move on her, so please do.

14. She lets you know her deepest grievances.

A woman who likes you will have little trouble being vulnerable with you. When she feels sad or lonely, she will let you know and can be very expressive.

If she’s crying, for example, she’ll lean in for a hug and might rest her face on your chest. She will hold this position for a long time. Make a move on her.

Definitely not when she’s being vulnerable, anyway. That will be taking advantage of her feelings. Wait for the right moment and then make that move.

15. His body language is quite suggestive

A woman who wants you to make a move will be suggestive with her body language. People naturally tend to touch the things they love.

If a woman is starting to love you, you will also find that she touches you a lot. She will move to stand next to you or grab your arm. She will make a habit of this. You should know it’s time to make a move on her.

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