How To Feng Shui Your Home

Feng shui is a Chinese practice for creating balance in your space, harnessing positive energy, and creating harmony with the natural world around you. It has strong roots in mindfulness. Creating a healthy energy flow can reduces stress and promote positivity and happiness in your life. If you are interested in implementing feng shui in your home, here are some important details to remember.


Feng Shui divides life into five elements which are earth, wood, fire, metal and water. Each element represents a different mood and personality within a room. If your space feels unstable or your energy is out of whack, it could help balance the elements within your home. For example, if you need more fire elements, you could add candles or lighting. If your space needs more water features, try adding photos with aquascapes or water features, like a fish tank.


According feng shui, the entrance to your home is incredibly important and is considered the mouth of qi, which is the energy of your life. The entrance is where energy enters your home and your world. It’s important to keep your entryway neat and easily visible, as your entryway is also the first impression of your home.

command post

The commanding position is one of the fundamental aspects of feng shui and is most important in your bedroom. It is important to place the bed in a position where you can see the door but not perfectly in line with it. There should also be space on both sides of the bed. Having your bed in a dominant position means that you have control over your life and are open to receiving positive energy in your life.

How to Feng Shui your home


Windows are the eyes of your home in feng shui, so it’s important to keep them clean so sunlight can enter your space. Clean windows allow us to see better and let energy into our lives.


Obstacle removal in your home is a very important part of feng shui. If you commonly have clutter or objects blocking your path, it is believed that these things also block energy and opportunities in your life. Keeping a clear path in your home allows positive energy to flow freely.


Plants are very important in feng shui and can represent earth and wood elements that are necessary for positive energy in your home. Plants are considered the energy of life, bringing health to your home. Choose plants that you can care for easily and that suit the lighting in your home as well as your lifestyle.


Feng shui is a great way to promote positive energy in your home. Create a balance and harmony between your world and nature. Feng shui in your space is believed to reduce stress and promote happiness. If you live with high levels of stress or imbalance in your life, feng shui could be a great practice to try in your home. If you feel like you need outside support, there are many resources available to give you the help you need. To visit for further guidance to improve your wellness.

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