How To Interpret What’s On A Man’s Mind Completely

How to fully interpret what’s on a man’s mind

super memory

They say that elephants have a long memory, but they give a person excellent eyesight and he would not forget it for the rest of his life!

And here we are talking about the infamous nip-slips, low-jeans-butt and see-through dresses. Guys think about this a lot.

A man may be strolling down an avenue, only to find himself staring at a beautiful woman bending down to adjust her sandals.

He didn’t ask for it, but he gets a look. The next second, he is given a smile that spreads from ear to ear, and is just going to have a beautiful day.

This happens even if she is actually dressed in low-cut jeans or even if the air is crisp and cold. The second place a man sees after a woman’s face is her breasts, and of course those thoughts come back to him regularly.

Women shouldn’t be angry about this unintentional action of men because men feel bad about it, but instead, it’s spontaneous happiness. And your man remembers those moments of instinctive joy. And he thinks about it quite regularly. And he feels ‘happy’ and thanks to the above for it.

Boys also think about porn.

Guys love women, and your guy likes you. However, if there is an addiction that can bother you, shake you, make your experience insecure and unhappy, that could be your guy’s thoughts about porn.

First of all, men don’t have a sick mind about porn, unlike most women who can’t find a reason to watch and want to feel the cinematic antics of the minimally clad actors in the movies. “How to fully interpret what is on a man’s mind”

Remember, for ladies, happy feelings come from the heart. For men, happy emotions come from the heart and are located below it. Your man can also watch some movies, and he can imagine them from time to time. However, please don’t take these thoughts from me. He appreciates the geometry and symmetry of their bodies, or even if you don’t have the same physique, he still loves and wants you.

He can think about the body of the porn superstar, but at least you know for a fact that he could never be close to her physically, so who is the one who should be angry?

Men think of their friends.

Your guy actually thinks of his friends and your friends too. While you’re sitting with the help of yourself or just grinning like a fool for no purpose, you’re probably thinking about the last time you went out with your friends, and you’re reminiscing about how everyone was figuring out the hot girls they were. . round.

Yes, your guy looks at women while you’re not around, and he drools too. As he hangs out with his friends, they’re all just a bunch of college kids waiting to yell and boo or communicate about hot girls and new hookups. They’ll even play guessing the length of the ladies’ glass at the bar, but hey, kids are kids, don’t you think?

Sometimes you may not forget those memories and laugh about it to yourself. Of course, he got funny, and by the way, he can’t share that information with you. He makes him uncomfortable, and obviously he can’t let you know that he’s drooling over some hot rookies’ tits, even when you need him to fix his eyes only on yours. Then the next first class problem, he thinks of them, whenever he can.

Also think about your friends, especially the new ones. He knows they’re all just friends who are off limits, but who can help but consider a good friend of yours, especially if she comes over regularly and hangs out with you and your guy all the time?

How to fully interpret what's on a man's mind

A man spends a lot of time considering his ego.

A man thinks about his ego almost all the time, no longer the little one in his pants, but the massive drive in his head. He plots revenge; he licks his wounds and gloats at his successes. “How to fully interpret what is on a man’s mind”

He can also talk about those ego issues with you if it’s not about women. Still, if his ego is shattered by a woman, he might go into a shell and tell you that he’s had a horrible day, or that he’s exhausted and wants to relax.

At the same time, while relaxing, analyze the problem, sulk or feel satisfied about it. If you were able to work an impressively long eye contact with the woman in the coffee shop, or if you received compliments from your crush, even a small one, then your ego rises to an all-time high, and you would find your man is advertising things like “Who is the most handsome man, huh…? It’s me, right?!”

However, if he hasn’t been able to make eye contact or reveals that her middle finger is interfering with eye contact, or something just as heartbreaking, he collapses domestically. He asks if you find it terrible or unpleasant lately.

He sits down to consider it for the fact that in both cases, and he couldn’t talk about it with you. She usually spends quite a bit of time questioning and stroking his ego.

while thinking of games

The boys love to play with you. But when you’re not around, they play on their computer, their Xbox, their game station, or whatever else they enjoy remotely. They, in particular, love video games and can’t help but plan their moves and think about the game now and later.

Sometimes they even dream of video games and wouldn’t think of spending the whole weekend in their dirty boxers, just playing and not thinking about anything but sports. If you buy a new game, and if you’re pretty quiet during the candlelight dinner, you can make sure that your whole mind turns to the sport. “How to fully interpret what is on a man’s mind”

The new girl with the perfect frame in the game, the exceptional moves that she can use to win the competition, the cheat codes for the game, and the crack model of the game, in which she could have all the women in the game naked and jogging without a hint of inhibition.

But most of all, your boy thinks about the games because he becomes the quality man in it, he gets to beat up the villains and horrible guys with the nice weapons, he looks cool and he’s a superhero. He can be all the matters that he can never be in real existence. So he thinks about it a lot!

While he thinks nothing of any aspect.

Now this may be a wonder for you; however, despite so many thoughts going in and out of his head, he still worries about not thinking about anything at all, at least for a few minutes a day.

These are instances where you may think your guy is dead, turned into a zombie, or just undeniably involved and uncaring. But sadly, guys want these blank thoughts to cool down and calm down.

What else could you anticipate? There are hundreds of thousands of minds zigzagging through his head every second, and he wants some time to clear all the thoughts and remove that demanding buzz from his thoughts.

In those cases, it thinks of nothing but clean whitespace. Or think of a nice place, some areas that remind you of a vacation, a fabulous breeze, splashes of water, mounds of sand. The curves left by the sea water at the back of the beach, and some other belongings that you don’t need to notice, especially if you want this to turn out happy! “How to fully interpret what is on a man’s mind”

How to fully interpret what's on a man's mind

The way to understand a man.

But all said and done, relax and take a deep breath. He still loves you, and what you don’t understand can’t hurt you. Your man has been considering all of this even before you entered his life, and he will feel it even if you threaten to leave him.

Those are involuntary thoughts that you can’t help but think about. All guys have these thoughts. However, that hasn’t made everyone want to leave or cheat on their women, so take it easy.

However, if you want to make him understand that you don’t like him, tell him that you need some time to yourself as well. And spend that time doing precisely what he does. Smile, smile, reflect and look concerned.

Even though there are no thoughts on your mind, your expressions are enough for your man to reckon with what you are thinking about another guy. But aside from that, there’s nothing else you can do to stop him from considering so many things besides his mind on you.

So let him reflect on the consideration of all these things, because he still loves and cares for you in the same way, although his mind occasionally wanders.

The next time you catch your lost guy in a daze or luckily staring at a wall, you’ll have a better idea of ​​what he’s thinking now that you know what’s going on in his head.

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“How to fully interpret what is on a man’s mind”

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