How To Know A Man Who Is A Virgin

How To Know A Man Who Is A Virgin

To know a man who is a virgin is not that easy, but it can be more easier if you do that in an appropriate manner. female or women who are virgins, you can easily know about them but you cannot know of a man unless you take time to unlike observe it yourself. There are some attributes of a virgin guy which you must observe before confirming him virgin, although some guys may frame it as if they are virgins but those are pure play guys, who know every way to get a woman. But there are certainly particular ways in which you can detect the real ones from the fake ones, and after reading this topic you will be marveled because it shall be the correct and exact way to know a man who is a virgin even though it’s not written on the face. “How To Know A Man Who Is A Virgin”

Below are the ways in which you can know a man who is a virgin, so carefully read this and understand every bit of it.

How to know a man who is a virgin

1. He is not good at flirting with a woman.

A virgin man don’t always flirt with women, not that he will not play or hang around with them, but he finds it hard to flirt with them. He always likes to be on his own unless his fellow men come to him and take him along with them. His attitude towards women is always different from other men. His flirting with him always has limits and he is easily afraid of insulting from a woman.

2. He is always shy when it comes to intimacy with a woman.

He is shy to come too close to a woman, he may wish to be intimate but due to that shyness, he may not be able to accomplish his desires. He is always afraid of intimacy because he may be finding it as an abnormal attitude which may bring insult to him. So to be on a safer side, he will prefer to be distancing himself from a woman including the one he calls his closest friend to him.

3. He doesn’t know how to kiss properly.

His kissing ability is always low. Your wish of how you may like to be kissed may not be fulfilled by him unless you direct him on it. It is because he is not used to that and for being a virgin he has not done that before or is not good in doing that. So his ability of him in kissing will be low as at that virginity period. Although it’s not a guarantee that if he is a bad kisser, that he is a virgin. But that attribute is equivalent to that of a virgin so do not misunderstand it. Do your observations well.

“How To Know A Man Who Is A Virgin”

4. He is always shy to talk smoothly to a woman, instead acts as just a friend to her.

He is shy to tell a woman how much he loves her or tell her that he wants a relationship with her. Instead he will be acting as a guide towards her or even as a brother of her. He wo n’t be bold enough to express his feelings towards her even when he finds the opportunity to do so. He prefers being just a friend in her eyes than to open up to her even when he is dying emotionally. Unless the girl detects it and say it her de ella self de ella or force him to say it.

5. He will not be the one to introduce sex in that relationship.

A virgin man is always afraid of introducing sex to his woman, because he may be feeling shy or afraid of what it may result, or how the woman will feel about it. He is ever ready to withstand his urges towards his woman rather than expressing how he feels. Inwardly he is dying for that, but for some reasons he may hold it onto himself and pretend that nothing is wrong. Unless his woman calls for it.

6. He is not always good in romancing.

He is not good in romancing due to the fact that he doesn’t know where and how to romance very well, he may only focus in just one particular direction and part forgetting the important parts that can trigger a woman’s urge.

7. He trusts women easily.

He is the type that trusts women easily, especially her own woman. I have assumed that everyone is good provided that they said that they are good. He accepts any words that his woman may tell them no matter the circumstances.

“How To Know A Man Who Is A Virgin”

8. He is always true to his woman.

He tells the truth about his feelings. Of course he said that he loves you, he definitely loves you unless you ended up misbehaving. He is a very ready to tell the truth to his woman about him.

9. He is not good on bed, sometimes the woman rides him on bed.

He is not good in bed, he finds it hard to locate the inner part of a woman. He doesn’t even know how to put his tool to a woman’s hole. Sometimes his woman rides him on bed. Because he is unable to know how to ride except the direct style that is common while making love.

10. He doesn’t stay long on sex and his orgasm will be so thick and hot at the first time of sex.

He easily gets orgasm fast, even immediately he is romanced and gets to the mood. He doesn’t stay long on bed while making love. And again the first time it sex, his orgasm will be thick and hot due to the long stay of it since his birth.

in conclusion

Do not try to get the answer from him directly by asking him curiously, because he may tell you the opposite of what he is just to know your intentions, instead observe it yourself and tell him what your results are, by that time he will not deny it and the truth will he known to you directly from his lips without you forcing it from him. So with the above tips we are sure that you can be able to identify a man who is a virgin. Drop your comments and contribution if there is any.

“How To Know A Man Who Is A Virgin”

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