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Having a guy obsessed with you can be one of the best things that can happen to you. When men are obsessed with their girlfriends, they go the extra mile to make their girls feel safe.

Driven by the male desire to hold and protect, they will call more, reach out more, spend more time with their women. Do you want your man to think about you most of the time? This is how you can make your boyfriend obsess over you:

1. Look good. Very good

Do you have a favorite dress? And chances are you are obsessed with this dress.

It’s not hard to guess why: you’re obsessed with your favorite dress because it looks great on you. Because the days you wear it, the compliments keep hitting your ears like air on a windy morning.

Do not think that your boyfriend is different from you in this. That, unlike you, he’s unlikely to be obsessed with pretty things. Trust me; he is no different.

Just like you, he’s drawn to things that look cool. To something that attracts attention. Perhaps more than you, even considering that he is a man and is more visually stimulated than you.

Having your boyfriend obsessed with you looks good.

On days when you look stunning, your boyfriend will most likely go to bed thinking of you. He’ll think about your curves, the way your hips swayed when you walked, and he’ll think about what your next date will be like.

He may even feel insecure because he knows that other men might have found you intriguing as well. They will come after you.

This insecurity, along with his interest in you, will make him obsessed with keeping you. He will compliment you more and do anything to make you feel safe.

However, try not to make him feel insecure on purpose. This could hurt him and push him further away, defeating the purpose of everything.

2. Make him believe you have options.

It sounds like bad advice, and it is. However, it works. You have options, dear.

A man who knows that you have no other options than him will feel on top of the world when he associates with you.

A man like that can’t be obsessed with you. He will feel that he can get away with anything. And he is right. He can.

To obsess him, give him some competition. Make him believe that you have men around you. You can do this by dressing better, going out more, etc.

Competition makes men feel. This is the nature of things. In nature, men compete for the attention of their partners. During fertilization, the most viable sperm only fertilizes the egg.

A man who feels threatened, who knows that you will have a great life even if he leaves, will be obsessed with you.

3. Make him miss you

Almost everyone is obsessed with one day owning a Ferrari. This is because Ferraris are not common everywhere. Only a certain class of people can afford them, which makes them highly demanded.

People become obsessed with rare and expensive things.

To make your boyfriend obsess over you, your time and attention must become princely to him. This can only happen when you become scarce.

Although he is your boyfriend, he should have you whenever he wants.

Yeah, sometimes it’s great to push back some of your boundaries for your lover. But still, this can end other times with you being taken for granted.

Let’s say your boyfriend calls you and says he wants to meet you. If it is not available at the time, you can reschedule it just fine. You don’t always have to run into his arms, neglecting yourself.

This will make him think about you, what you should be doing, etc.

4. Listen to it

Men love when women listen to them. When a man finds you easy to talk to, he will allow himself to be vulnerable around you. He will consider you his lover because it is easy to open up to you.

When your boyfriend has something to say, important or not, drop what you’re doing and give him your genuine attention if possible.

Listening is an act of love, and men love it when their women are sincerely interested in what they say. If her mind is on other things, you can ask her to wait until she can do it.

A man who is vulnerable with you will be obsessed with you because he is afraid of losing you.

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5. Give him what other women can’t.

People are afraid of losing what they cannot replace. If your man considers you easily replaceable, he will not be obsessed with you.

For him to become obsessed with you, you have to make him see that you are different, that you are special. He is your man. You must know what he considers special and you must become that person for him.

For most men, a special woman is one who is feminine and respectful, who understands his moods, who is not aggressive, etc. Respect your man’s decisions. Don’t try to override them. Don’t disrespect him. He loves his family.

Surprise him with gifts. Buy him a new shirt. Replace your cologne. Give him money if you can. Make your occasions and special moments count.

6. Support him

For your man to become obsessed with you, do not stop supporting him. He supports him in his projects, offering him words of encouragement.

You may not be directly involved in your boyfriend’s secular work. Regardless, your sympathetic understanding of his struggles can be of great help to him.

Give him invaluable emotional support by being a willing listener to his victories, disappointments, mistakes, and fears. He will love you and be more obsessed with you because of the understanding and interest you show.

7. Tell him he’s “the best.”

A man loves to feel like a man. He loves it when his wife appreciates his efforts. If your man shows you affection and care, feel free to compliment him on it.

You can say, for example, “Thank you for recommending this new hairstyle; looks great!” “That shirt you bought is perfect for me; you’re a star!” When you compliment him like this, you inspire him to do more.

Just so that it can get more compliments from you, it will keep doing more for you. He will spend his time thinking about the next gift he can give you, in the next place where your date will be.

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8. Privacy

Intimacy and sex is another way to have your boyfriend obsessed with you.

When we have sex, our body produces hormones that make us feel love and affection towards our partner. Don’t hide it from him or use it to manipulate him.

Although the manipulation works, its effects do not last long. Sooner or later, a manipulated person will get tired of being manipulated and will rebel.


If you are very good at your job in a company environment, you will become an asset and your employer will even be afraid of losing you.

In the same way, if you apply these tips mentioned in this article, you will become invaluable to your boyfriend and he will be obsessed with you and will not want to lose you.

What works to make your man obsess over you are some of the same things that make any relationship work better in the long run.

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