Is There a ‘proper’ Age to Get Married?

Is there a “right” age to get married?

Is there a ‘right’ age to get married? While there isn’t an extensive magical variety, if you pose this question clearly to everyone, you’re likely to get a strong opinion. Probably largely due to their private studies, human beings tend to be very vocal in their criticism of the right age to marry. “age to marry

Perhaps you have experienced this individually. I admit that I have. I was married at the age of 23, and my husband was 24. At the time, I didn’t think I would ever be that young to get married, but if I had a dime for every time a person said, “You get married so you’re younger!” or he asked: “Why did you get married so young?” I could be very rich right now.

And if I’m honest, I’ve asked human beings those kinds of questions myself, or at least them. While you remember I was married at 23, I’ve wondered about people’s choices to marry at 19, for example, or, in the anticipated opportunity of the spectrum, to try to marry until, say, 30. You can find a myriad articles online advocating buying married younger and ready until you’re older. Each element makes a few elements properly.

The thing is, though, that almost everyone has an opinion on this issue, and it’s easy to think that your own way of planning your marriage is the right one. As Debra K. Fileta writes in her article “The Great Age to Marry” published on RelevantMagazine.Com, but keep in mind that the right age to marry can be unique to each couple.

Is there a 'right' age to get married?
Is there a ‘right’ age to get married?

“So, I have found some concepts in this, and I want to fulfill this statement by saying that the ideal age to marry no longer has anything to do with the years you have lived, and everything depends on how you have lived them. ”, writes Fileta. “Call me crazy though, I don’t think you can definitely quantify someone’s readiness for marriage based on the number of years he’s been alive.”

Instead of looking at marriage preparation from the mindset of age, we must instead focus on God’s timing and how it intertwines with the perspective of the research and the lives of the people involved.

Sometimes someone in their 30s or 40s can be mature, have a so-so career, and appear settled and perfectly ready for marriage dedication, but God’s timing can also dictate a different course. Conversely, a person still in college may meet and marry her partner before any of life’s great special questions can be answered, and this may also be God’s timing.

A good example of someone who seemed primed for marriage for years, but didn’t marry until she was fifty-seven, is the famous Christian radio host and speaker Nancy Leigh DeMoss. DeMoss is a mature Christian girl, yet God didn’t put a husband into her life until she was older. Another example of a person who married in a timeline that didn’t seem to fit many people’s assessments of marriage is Duck Dynasty’s great call John Luke Robertson. Robertson married his wife Mary Kate McEacharn at the age of 19 before either John Luke or Mary Kate graduated from college. Alternatively, they went on the school trip together.

“Is there a ‘right’ age to get married?”

Fileta makes a totally bland component, but one that we often don’t take seriously: “If you are definitely seeking God and reflecting on His story for your life, I would like to mention that the ideal age to get married is precisely the age you are when you get married. ”

Fileta continues with those words of information: “As Christians, I believe that we must be absolutely cautious with the formula and the anecdotes that we offer to people in search of the wedding because the truth is that God has never been one to meet our solutions. standard. He has a tendency to undermine norms and shatter all of our expectations, and I’m so glad he does, because the truth is our worlds can be so small even if we leave them to ourselves. At the end of the day, God’s phrase calls us to one element: to love others, ourselves and Him in particular”.

How are you? At what age did you get married and/or what do you think is an impressive measure of a person’s readiness for marriage?

“Is there a ‘right’ age to get married?”

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