Louisiana State Police senior officer on leave over phone data in Ronald Greene’s death

On Friday, the head of the law enforcement agency, Superintendent Col. Lamar Davis, said he “placed Lt. Col. Doug Cain on paid administrative leave pending the ongoing administrative investigation into his department’s cellular device disinfection.” , in a statement issued. by LSP.

“The decision to place him on leave was made in the best interest of the department to remove any doubts about the integrity of the investigation. I am confident that the investigation will be conducted fairly and impartially without concern about its findings.” Davis said in the statement.

Greene died on May 10, 2019, while in the custody of the Louisiana State Police after a vehicle pursuit.

The decision to place Cain on administrative leave comes a day after Davis, while testifying in front of a special committee of the Louisiana state legislature investigating Greene’s death, was pressed by lawmakers about why Cain was still at work. They also wanted to know why Cain had not yet been placed on leave.

Davis testified that he appointed Cain to the number two job within LSP and acknowledged that the public might have concerns about Cain staying on the job.

At the hearing, lawmakers said Cain’s presence on the job could make some officers uncomfortable and unwilling to come forward with information about possible wrongdoing.

Cain has been implicated as part of an ongoing internal investigation by the PSA into Greene’s death and the PSA’s subsequent handling of it.

While Cain was not at the scene of the incident involving Greene, it is alleged that his work phone was sanitized in the wake of Greene’s death.

According to Davis’s testimony, Cain has not been interviewed by Internal Affairs.

Cain testified before the same committee on March 22. During her testimony, State Rep. Debbie Villio asked why her cell phone had been disinfected, Cain replied, “I can’t talk to that lady.”

After being pressed, he went on to say, “I can’t talk on my cell phone, ma’am. I have notified the president that there is an internal investigation underway, to ensure transparency on the part of Colonel Davis, he is looking into that matter.”

As questions about the phone and transparency continued, Cain told the committee chairman that he had been ordered not to speak to him.

CNN reached out to Cain for comment after he was placed on paid administrative leave, but has not heard back. It’s unclear if Cain has an attorney.

The move comes a day after District Attorney John Belton, who has jurisdiction over the city where Greene died, told state lawmakers he plans to convene a special grand jury and bring criminal charges against the police officers involved in the shooting. Green’s death.

Testifying before a special committee of the Louisiana State Legislature investigating Greene’s 2019 death, Belton said a “criminal act” occurred and that he plans to “act quickly” to convene a grand jury.

Speaking to CNN after the committee hearing adjourned, Belton reiterated his position, saying, “I have already said that crimes have been committed.”

The police officers involved maintained that Greene’s death “was caused by crash-related blunt force trauma to the chest that resulted in a fractured sternum and ruptured aorta,” and argued that they had to use force to restrain him “for his own safety.” personal and for the safety of the public,” according to court documents.

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