Points to consider before going into any relationship

Points to Consider Before Entering into Any Relationship

Points to Consider Before Entering into Any Relationship

* Have a purpose in that relationship:.

Before you say hello to any girl or accept a man, ask yourself first, what do you want in that relationship? is it sex? or do you want a life partner? either you want both from the same person, or you just want friends. “Points to consider before entering into any relationship”

this can help you avoid the problem that he raped me or she denied me sex, when you have decided what you want from a relationship then you can know what kind of person to accept and this can help you have a happy relationship. relationship.

“Points to consider before entering into any relationship”

For example, if you decided to have a No intercourse then you can know that if he asks you for sex, you will have no choice but to leave him, it will be very bad if you start giving him sex and then sometimes you stop, this can ruin your relationship. So what I’m trying to say is that you need to decide what your relationship is going to be like, you need to be able to answer these questions to help you avoid a regretful relationship.

1. Is this our relationship headed for marriage? if yes work for it..
2. Is this our relationship just friendship? If so, limit how they associate with each other.. .
3. Can I have sex with him/her whenever I want? if not, then don’t start it at first.. .

I believe that after answering you will know how to make your relationship successful.

* Are you ready ?:.

This is the first question you should ask yourself, before you greet any girl as a man, check your “STATUS” to know if you are ready for girls at that moment, and as a girl, also check yours to know if you are ready too. before accepting.

“Points to consider before entering into any relationship”

People make mistakes in getting into a relationship with one or even multiple girls/boys when they know they are still struggling with school, work, money, etc., and their hearts will be broken in the end.

I’m not saying that as a student or a scammer or whatever, you shouldn’t be in a relationship. help you achieve your goals.
You can’t be a serious and compelling student and still be in a relationship with a party-minded person or a person with an extravagant life, that person will only bring down your dreams and leave you heartbroken, so choose wisely.

* Can you marry your partner? :.

If your answer to this question is yes, then you and your partner are likely to make a beautiful and happy relationship.

That you say yes to this question does not mean that you should marry your partner, it is just a question that you can ask yourself to know the extent of your love for someone, because some people just jump into a relationship because their boyfriend is rich or because their girlfriend has sexy and seductive curves when they know they don’t really love them and in the end, either they break up or someone will live unhappily with an unwanted spouse.

Points to Consider Before Entering into Any Relationship

* Where is he / she from? :.

And also consider her tribe, where does she come from, is it a place where your parents will reject her when marriage comes, can you marry from that tribe? For example, an Igbo guy dating a Hausa girl, ask yourself, apart from your girlfriend, will you be happy to marry a Hausa?

You should consider these questions before even greeting the girl because love is blind, you may not like her tribe but maybe after a while you fall in love with her and then you don’t mind marrying her and in the end, it’s you might fall in love with her. find out how incompatible you are, that’s one of the causes of divorce.

That is why some parents always refuse when their children decide to marry people from another tribe. But if you have no problem marrying people from other tribes, then you are free to make friends or date people from other tribes.

“Points to consider before entering into any relationship”

Here are some mistakes that can lead you to break up a relationship.
*He entered a relationship that he knows he is not ready to have

* You fall in love with your partner for what he has and not for what he is.

* Lack of understanding:.

misunderstandings can go a long way in making you hate your partner, which can destroy your relationship, so try to get to know your partner,

Know what makes you happy and also what makes you sad so you can avoid it sooner.

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