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The USGS Social and Economic Analysis Branch is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with experience working in science project coordination and climate change contexts.

Publication date

Apr. 4, 2022 11:30 a.m.

Deadline for application

Apr. 19, 2022 00:00


The Social and Economic Analysis Branch of the US Geological Survey.


Work description

Location: Fort Collins CO Compensation: $87,491 /year

The US Geological Survey Social and Economic Analysis Branch in Fort Collins, CO, is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with experience working in climate change and science project coordination contexts to provide leadership in an effort to: 1 ) develop principles, methods, and techniques for coordinating interdisciplinary scientists in a network within the context of USGS climate science; 2) work in a team with information scientists to develop tools designed to query USGS science databases; 3) work in a team with information scientists to design a web application user interface for USGS internal and public use; and 4) work in a team with communications specialists to develop products based on the USGS scientific portfolio for multifaceted audiences and stakeholders. The goals of this effort are twofold: 1) to create a set of science networking protocols and supporting technologies that can be implemented to organize USGS efforts around specific science topics, and 2) to operationalize the protocols and technologies in the USGS Climate Science Context.

The preferred candidate will have a background in climate change science; database managment; data analysis; coordination of scientific networks; and communication of results and scientific achievements. The incumbent will: 1) have a leadership role in a project team that includes social, natural, climate, and information scientists; 2) engage with multiple climate scientists and their projects across the USGS at any one time; and 3) take a leadership role in creating a climate science network across the USGS.

The scholarship recipient must have:

  • A Ph.D. and graduate degree within the last five years associated with the social sciences or a closely related interdisciplinary field in the context of climate science or natural resource management.
  • Demonstrated experience in performing database usage/administration, data analysis, scientific projects or network administration and results reporting.
  • Excellent writing ability.

This is a full time position. The employee will be physically located in Fort Collins, CO. Currently, one year of funding is available for this position. A second year depends on performance and availability of funds. The goal of the USGS Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program is to provide highly motivated recent doctoral degrees. graduates with the opportunity to conduct concentrated research in association with selected scientists from the US Geological Survey (USGS), as a final element to their formal professional preparation. Those selected will utilize the excellent scientific resources available at the USGS in conducting scientific research and exploratory development associated with advanced scientific research. This program will provide selectees with the opportunity to contribute to the overall USGS research efforts while gaining excellent professional research experience early in their careers.

Candidates must have received their Ph.D. or equivalent postgraduate degree within the last five years. Employees hired under the USGS Postdoctoral Fellowship Program are entitled to all benefits afforded to federal employees (for example, health and life insurance, retirement under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), furlough yearly and due to illness). This scholarship is open to US citizens.


Send the following to Rudy Schuster ([email protected]) by 5:00 pm Mountain Daylight Time on April 18the 2022: 1) a written statement addressing how your knowledge, experience, and skills can be used to address the goals and position outlined above (not to exceed two pages, single spaced, 12 point font); 2) a writing sample, and 3) your resume.

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