North Korea’s Covid outbreak: What we know and don’t know

North Korea reported 21 more deaths and 174,440 new “fever cases” Friday, according to state media KCNA, though it did not specify how many of the deaths and cases were linked to Covid, likely due to the country’s extremely limited testing capacity. But given the opaque nature of the regime and the country’s isolation from … Read more

With eye on China’s zero-Covid chaos, Taiwan seizes chance to open up

The tables at his diner in the Taiwanese capital are buzzing with customers, waiters bustle with dishes of squid soup and rice noodles, and talk and laughter fills the air. Chen considers himself lucky. Taiwan is allowing restaurants like his de it to remain open despite a wave of Covid infections – hitting more than … Read more

Tonga volcanic eruption the most powerful in more than a century

Scientists have begun to piece together what happened during the January 15 eruption of the undersea Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano about 65 kilometers (40 miles) north of Tonga’s capital that killed at least threepeople. The eruption has defied easy explanation and upended scientists’ understanding of this type of volcano. The volcanic eruption sent rarely observed … Read more

China Covid lockdowns: Leaving Shanghai for a ‘whole new world’ outside

Our plane had just taken off from Shanghai, a city of gleaming high-rises, home to 25 million people who are slowly being worn down by China’s unrelenting zero-Covid regime. As she approached my row, the flight attendant addressed me with the same concerned tone. You got out with this little guy, I see,” she said, … Read more

North Korea announces first Covid deaths amid ‘explosive’ outbreak

On Thursday, North Korea reported 18,000 new “fever cases” and the six deaths, one of which tested positive for the BA.2 sub-variant of Omicron, state media KCNA reported on Friday. North Korea has not confirmed that all “fever” cases and deaths are Covid-19, likely due to its limited testing capability. “A fever whose cause could … Read more

Who is ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr and why are some Filipinos nervous about his family’s return?

Despite his popularity among millions of voters, many Filipinos are shocked by his win and what it means for democracy in the Philippines. Marcos Jr. is a member of one of the country’s most notorious political families. His win from him, analysts say, is the successful culmination of a decades-long rebranding campaign that has revived … Read more

Philippines election results: Bongbong Marcos Jr claims presidential victory

Known as “Bongbong” in the Philippines, Marcos Jr, who is the son and namesake of the late dictator, promised to be a “President for all Filipinos,” said Victor Rodriguez, his chief of staff and spokesperson. With 98% of the votes counted, Marcos Jr received 31 million votes compared to his closest rival, the outgoing Vice … Read more

Sri Lanka issues ‘shoot-on-sight’ order to troops as chaos continues

The Ministry of Defense said Tuesday its troops have been ordered to shoot anyone found damaging state property or assaulting officials, following an attack on the Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police. The order follows violent protests in the capital Colombo that left at least eight people dead, although it is unclear if all of … Read more

Sri Lanka: Military rescues PM Rajapaksa as violent clashes leave seven dead

The military were called to the Prime Minister’s ‘Temple Trees’ compound after protesters tried to breach his private residence twice overnight, a senior security source told CNN. The attackers managed to “enter the outer perimeter” of the residence where they hurled petrol bombs, but their attempts to enter the building were thwarted when the military … Read more

Philippines election results: Bongbong Marcos Jr on cusp of winning landslide

Marcos Jr has about 30 million votes compared to his closest rival, the outgoing Vice President Leni Robredo, who has about 14 million votes, according to a partial and unofficial tally of the Commission on Elections (Comelec), reported by CNN affiliate CNN Philippines. Official results, however, could take weeks to be confirmed. Known as “Bongbong” … Read more