The most striking aspect of Sweden and Finland’s application to join NATO

The entry of the two Nordic nations would be the most significant geopolitical outcome of the Ukraine war, transforming the strategic security picture in northeastern Europe and adding hundreds of thousands of direct NATO borders with Russia. For decades, even during the most tense moments of the Cold War, neither country seemed to feel the … Read more

Analysis: Why is Turkey causing problems to Finland and Sweden’s wish to join NATO?

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he didn’t view “positively” the Nordic countries’ desire to join the alliance, accusing the two of being “like guesthouses for terror organizations.” He told his party lawmakers in Ankara on Wednesday that he expects NATO members to “understand, respect and support” Turkey’s security issues. Finland and Sweden formally applied to … Read more

The fight for Mariupol is nearing its end. The city’s fate could conceal war crimes evidence from the world

Ukraine’s military announced late Monday that its forces had completed their “combat mission” at the sprawling Azovstal steelworks plant, which was for weeks the last major holdout in a city otherwise occupied by Russian troops. Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers were evacuated from the facility and efforts were underway to evacuate those still inside. Mariupol, a … Read more

This is what the ‘Russification’ of Ukraine’s education system looks like in occupied areas

The troops held her husband and daughter at gunpoint, but the 48-year-old told CNN she knew it was her they’d come for. As a school principal, she believes they saw her as the enemy. “They were searching everywhere, even the drains and outdoor toilet,” she explained. “They found schoolbooks and tutorials for Ukrainian language.” Nina … Read more

He says he was tortured by Russian soldiers, shot in the face and buried alive. This is one Ukrainian man’s tale of survival

By the side of a remote road in the northern Chernihiv region of Ukraine, Mykola shows the unmarked grave in which he and his two brothers were buried three-and-a-half weeks after the war began, in land seized by Russian forces. All three had been shot; he was the only one to survive. “It’s like being … Read more

Turkish president says he will not approve Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership if they sanction Turkey

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting of the leaders of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) member states at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, on May 16. (Alexander Nemenov/AFP/Getty Images) President Vladimir Putin said Finland and Sweden’s entry into NATO will not create a threat to Russia, but the “expansion of military infrastructure into … Read more

Swedish government says it has decided to apply for NATO membership 

Finland and Sweden are poised to end decades of neutrality by joining NATO, a dramatic evolution in European security and geopolitics sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The two Nordic nations had long kept the military alliance at an arm’s length, even while eyeing Russia to their east with caution. But Moscow’s assault on Ukraine … Read more

Ukraine claims Russians are suffering “significant losses” as they try to advance west

Yulia Bondarenko travels in a convoy of drivers trying to leave Kherson, Ukraine. (Courtesy Yulia Bondarenko) Every day, hundreds and even thousands of people are trying to flee the Russian-occupied region of Kherson in southern Ukraine, gathering up whatever they can cram into their cars, or even piling onto tractors. And every day, they run … Read more

Zelensky says Ukraine has retaken more than 1,000 settlements from Russian forces

A Russian General, identified in a CNN investigation as responsible for targeting civilians in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv and his role as the architect of the siege of Aleppo, was involved in high-level defense talks with his UK counterpart in 2017 after receiving Russia’s highest military honor for his role in its war in … Read more

Snake Island: The tiny speck of land playing an outsized role in Russia’s war on Ukraine

The isle — known as Zmiinyi Ostriv in Ukrainian — lies around 30 miles (48 kilometers) off the coast of Ukraine and close to the sea lanes leading to the Bosphorus and Mediterranean. Moscow has never laid claim to Snake Island, and it’s a long way from any part of the Russian mainland. It’s over … Read more