Makgeolli: How Korean rice wine is stepping out of soju’s shadow

(CNN) — Kim Kyung-seop recalls going to cheap bars after class with his friends, where they binged on as much makgeolli as possible. “You know the saying, ‘alcohol do you consume men?’ It was like that.” Makgeolli, the milky and often sweet rice traditional wine from Korea, was chosen for its price, not flavor. In … Read more

11 wine regions off the beaten path

(CNN) — Burgundy, Napa Valley, Marlborough, Tuscany — true wine fans have probably already ticked the great grape regions off their lists. Thankfully, these days, there are even more wine worlds to conquer. Recent years have seen new or lesser-known vineyards produce outstanding vintages that are redrawing the wine map. Here are 11 hidden and … Read more

Cannolo: The ‘erotic’ origins of Sicily’s top pastry

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Unusual food and drink pairings: Surprisingly tasty combos!

(CNN) — Champagne with strawberries, red wine with steak, tequila with tacos and even Scotch with chocolate are familiar pairings of food and drink. More unexpected matches, however, are just as tasty — if not better. “Most people don’t realize that the simple food we eat every day at home, whether we’ve cooked it or … Read more

France faces foie gras crisis, and Michelin menus are in turmoil

Paris (CNN) Fois gras, the French culinary jewel that is as delicious as it is controversial, is a staple of upscale restaurants across the country. But now it’s vanishing from menus during an “unprecedented” crisis that has seen some manufacturers begin to consider reducing portions. At the heart of the problem is a bird flu … Read more

Asia’s 50 best bars for 2022 revealed

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Arepas from ‘Encanto’ are a Colombian staple

(CNN) — “You just healed my hand with an arepa con queso,” Mirabel Madrigal tells her mother, Julieta, in the movie “Encanto,” while holding a cheesy arepa — a round corn cake. “I healed your hand with love,” Julieta replies. “Encanto,” which won the Oscar for best animated feature this year, follows the magical Madrigal … Read more

Kaş: A beautiful unspoiled corner of the Mediterranean

(CNN) — At the point where the sky ends, a giant man sleeps stretched along a mountainous ridge overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. At least that’s how it appears when seen from the old harbor of Kaş, on the south coast of Turkey. Legend has it a female giant lives over the water on the island … Read more