‘Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy’ Season 2: What’s on the menu in London

(CNN) — Stanley Tucci’s search for Italy led him somewhere unexpected. A place that has more Italians than Bologna or Pisa, and the ancient Romans called it their last frontier. Welcome to London. Beyond the stereotypes about traditional British cuisine, Tucci discovered a vibrant food scene influenced by generations of Italian immigrants. With creamy burrata … Read more

Travel news roundup: Best fried food, ‘revenge’ travel and other indulgences

Editor’s Note — Sign up for Unlocking the World, CNN Travel’s weekly newsletter. Get news about destinations opening and closing, inspiration for future adventures, plus the latest in aviation, food and drink, where to stay and other travel developments. (CNN) — This week in travel: an upside-down train, the meaning of “revenge travel” and the … Read more

Make your own pan pizza just like an Italian family-run pizzeria

Editor’s Note — Editor’s note: Don’t miss “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy” airing Sundays at 9 pm ET. Tucci is traveling across Italy to discover the secrets and delights of the country’s regional cuisines. (CNN) — Most people think pan pizza and they think of mega American pizza chains, but one family-run Italian pizzeria has … Read more

Human-induced climate crisis is making Japan’s cherry blossom bloom earlier

(CNN) — Every spring, crowds flock to admire Japan’s cherry blossom — a dazzling pink and white bloom that has been revered in the country for more than a thousand years. But the world-famous sakura plants are flowering much earlier than normal due to human-induced climate change, a new study has found. Researchers from the … Read more

‘Made With Lau’ started as a humble home cooking project. Now it’s a YouTube success story

San Francisco (CNN) Randy Lau will never forget his 33rd birthday. Two and a half months after launching “Made With Lau,” he was “stoked” to find his Chinese family cooking channel had reached its first milestone: accumulating enough subscribers and viewing time to start making money through YouTube. Their first check: $3.57. “I was like, … Read more

The wacky new superyacht concept with a giant glass eye

(CNN) — As record numbers of superyachts enter the market, designers have been pushing the limits further and further in order to ensure their concepts stand out. However, this new concept from Indian yacht design studio Bhushan Powar Design might just be one of the most eye-catching to date. The 110-meter vessel, named Zion, features … Read more

Germany’s upside down railway: The Wuppertal Schwebebahn

(CNN) — Suspension railways today seem like an anachronism — a 19th-century vision of what the future of transport would look like. By the year 2022, surely we would all be commuting to work on upside down railways! Unlike boring ordinary train lines that stay determinedly fixed to terra firma, suspension railways dangle beneath a … Read more

‘Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy’ Season 2: What’s on the menu in Piemdont

(CNN) — Umbria is “the green heart of Italy. Not a jealous heart, but a fertile one,” Stanley Tucci said as he drove through central Italy. This small rural region is often overshadowed by its more famous neighbor, Tuscany, which borders the region to the west. But Umbria’s history, wild beauty and traditional cuisine make … Read more

Revenge travel: How vacation vengeance became a thing

(CNN) — As more and more countries reopen their borders to eager tourists, a trendy new phrase has emerged on social media: revenge travel. The term has been used to describe trips as varied as family reunions, big splurge vacations and re-visits to favorite places, which leads to one question: so, what is Item? “Revenge” … Read more