Our mother earth is full of miraculous things that can heal our souls and sufferings. Those who got lucky to live near nature and benefit themselves with the power of green are ultimately enjoying most of their lives. We also need to explore the world and its unique gifts that can make us healthy and peaceful with its essence.

We will be starting with plants that are not only used to make our gardens beautiful but also help in producing medications that relieve patients of their severe pain. Herbs are a great source of healing in Asian countries. For thousands of years, people in their region are enjoying a long and blissful life by consuming herbal products externally as well as internally in various forms. People love to take them in the form of whole herb tea, essential oils, salves, tablets, syrups, and ointments. However, the most common and useful consumption is in the way of tea. Chamomile tea, peppermint tea, ginger tea, kratom tea, hibiscus tea, and the list goes on of these incredible drinks. Well, we decided to put some of their benefits in the limelight today. Since some of them are new to the list and loaded with unusual properties, it surely deserves your attention.

For instance, Kratom, discovered in Southeast Asia by a Dutch settler, expects to result in improved health outcomes. Users comment that they feel more energetic and socially awake in daily life activities when they use it. You can buy Kratom at wholesale rates online with ease and try it for yourself. Whereas the other options are concerned, you will have to wait until authorities pronounce them as legal.


Basil indeed belongs to the group of herbs that tastes amazing. It has provenly lowered the high blood pressures of patients who consume it regularly in the form of tea or other ways. The essential element of basil is the chemical eugenol whose job is to block substances that clogs the blood vessels. It has no side effects so far. Thus you may add it to your meals such as pasta, meat coatings, and much more.

Users can easily extract opium from opium poppy plant while it’s in its bud form. Cutting and letting it drain would give you a latex-like substance, which is opium in its purest form. Combretum micranthum has a common usage as an antidote. Diseases related to bladder, liver, and stomachs get treated with it and come to be beneficial as per the surveys. Opium stimulates bile flow that enhances the digestive processes.

NOTE: Pregnant and breast-feeding women must avoid the use to be on the safe side.

Marijuana is the most commonly used drug by people produced from the cannabis plant. Even though it is illegal, everyone still considers it as a viable option for its mood-altering abilities. Individuals suffering from stress or anxiety smoke it in the form of cigarette rolls, bongs, and pipes expecting to improve their mental state.

NOTE: Usually, before they know it, all their organs get severely affected by its abuse, and they are addicted to it. Marijuana is a schedule 1 substance due to its harmful effects and risks like suicidal thoughts or psychosis, which is why you should consider using it seriously.

Ginger, as a herb, has made its place in the kitchens all around the world. The pungent smell, sharp taste, and magical benefits make it super essential. It has a high quantity of nitric oxide in it that relaxes your blood vessels and dilates. Fresh garlic is a part of several recipes now, that enhances the flavor as well as blesses with numerous health perks. The substance gingerol present in it is good for medicinal purposes. It treats nausea and many morning sicknesses, reduces muscle pain and soreness, too.

NOTE: Its severe side-effects include increased bleeding tendency, and abdominal discomfort if taken in excess amount.


The sassafras root is the plant used in the production of ecstasy. It helps patients suffering from PTSD, as per the research conducted by MDMA. Its oil was originally in root beers and beverages to enhance its flavor. The safrole distilled from these roots is the main ingredient used in manufacturing ecstasy. Before you can use it as a narcotic, it goes through treatment under paint thinner, formaldehyde, and drains cleaner.


Magic mushrooms, or shrooms, are widely used by people to experience euphoric trips and stimulant states. Researchers present their studies conducted over addicted patients for improving their health conditions that magic mushrooms are useful in the process.

NOTE: The results vary depending on the part of the fungus you ate or the amount you consume. And there are considerable risks as shrooms are hard to differentiate from poisonous mushrooms. Eating them hoping to get high without knowing it’s the right type can take you to places that you least expect, so be careful.

French lavender is a herb that is famous for its beautiful perfume-like scent. In rodents, it can reduce high blood pressure and normalize the heart rate. Many people only use it for culinary purposes, but the scientist is studying its medicinal features. It also improves sleep conditions, makes the skin look young, provides pain relief, and lessens menopausal hot flashes.


Among these miraculous benefits, you might have found your herb. Try to find their safe use and make them a part of your diet. The more you stay close to nature, the more healthy and lively you will feel. There is no trade-off when you use herbal medicine, thereby making it extremely beneficial for you.

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