Ulta sale: Shop the Spring Haul 2022 Event

As we move into warmer temperatures, our skincare and makeup routine is also experiencing a seasonal change: Gone are the heavy creams for the dry winds of winter, and in are lighter cleansers, lightweight makeup, and serums that they don’t feel like a coat of paint on our skin. faces. Right now, you can stock up and update your beauty wardrobe with Ulta’s Spring Haul Event, which runs through April 16.

With a mix of affordable and splurge brands, Ulta offers a full range of skincare, makeup, and haircare for whatever budget you have. We’ve found great deals on everything from vegan brands like Pacifica and Andalou Naturals to brands from across the pond like No7 and Avène.

To help narrow down the selection – there’s a ton on offer – we’ve rounded up some of the site’s top-rated picks below (and included a few of our favourites, too).

We’re taking off our stockings as the temperature rises, and all that sensitive skin on your inner thighs can really take a beating after hours of rubbing together without a fabric barrier. This magic anti-friction stick from Megababe will stop chafing in just a few swipes, and it’s easy to toss in your bag. (You’ll get a free sample of the brand’s charcoal underarm soap with your purchase, too.)

Undone beauty water blush

This super lightweight buildable blush actually feels like water, but leaves behind a buildable hint of color that goes from a hint to a statement, depending on the look you’re going for.

Pacifica Vegan Collagen Conditioning Lash Serum & Primer

If you wear mascara daily, give your lashes a little conditioning break with this dual-action serum and primer. After several days of use, this writer’s lashes were much less brittle and dry.

Avène Cleanance Mask

Eliminate a few parts of your facial routine in one fell swoop with this multitasking mask from Avène – the clay mask also doubles as a great scrub to cleanse and exfoliate. Simply apply to dry skin and leave on for five minutes once a week. The ingredients help to reduce oil and mattify, as well as soothe, soften and calm the skin.

No7 Restore & Renew Multi-Action Face and Neck Serum

Formulated for mature skin, this serum can help reduce the appearance of fine lines on the neck and face and also noticeably “lift” facial areas. It works from deep within the skin with ingredients that can penetrate up to 10 layers deep. Wait two weeks or more to see the full promised effects, though you should be able to tell the difference after one. (If you don’t like it, No7 offers a money back guarantee.)

Mario Badescu Algae Cleansing Soap

My boyfriend loves it so much he uses it as a body wash, which we needed to talk about, but no matter where you use it, the gentle exfoliation courtesy of tiny grains of seaweed works wonders for removing dead skin and oil from the coat. superior. and leaving you with super soft skin.

Pipette Eczema Lotion

We’re starting to bare our skin again as sleeves and pant legs get shorter and shorter, and if you’re dealing with a bit of eczema, this now-under-$10 lotion can relieve itching and soreness. irritation, as well as injecting much-needed moisture to keep breakouts a little calmer. It’s made for babies by a team of dermatologists, pediatricians, and biologists, but adults have found a lot of relief with it, too.

CO.  by Colgate Oh So Dazzling Enzyme-Powered Whitening Toothpaste

The easy-to-use whitening routine of CO. it becomes even easier with a super powerful toothpaste that’s easy to incorporate into your brushing routine (after all, you have to use toothpaste). It’s a first in the US for an enzyme-powered whitening toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide, plus it leaves you with fresh breath.

Andalou Naturals Age Defying Rejuvenating Plant Based Retinol Alternative Serum

Bakuchiol is the plant-based alternative to retinol, and this 100% vegan formula still delivers serious results when it comes to smoothing visible fine lines. Apply twice a day (morning and night) between cleansing and moisturizing.

TonyMoly The Chok Chok Green Tea Cleansing Water

If you wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis or have sensitive skin, this cleansing water should be the first step in your bedtime routine. It’s gentle enough to keep dry skin from stretching after use, and it has fermented green tea extract, lemon seed oil, and rosewood oil to fight dryness and the bacteria that can cause blemishes.

Morphe Continuous Setting Mist

Don’t waste too much time looking down only to have it disappear two hours later. Morphe’s famous makeup setting mist is on sale right now (and quickly being added to shopping carts).

EcoTools kit to start the day wonderfully

With everything you need for everyday looks (plus a handy tin case to travel and protect your brushes), this five-brush set has an angled foundation brush, a blending brush for concealer or eyeshadow foundation, a crease brush, an eyeliner brush, and a blush brush.

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