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BOSTON (CBS) – Here we go again. Like an endless series of sequels to bad movies, Snow is about to “strike back.” Almost every time we have a heat wave and another “extinction” of snow cover, another round of snow arrives within 24-48 hours. Old Man Winter has been shot down (again), but not out!

Spring snow is a different animal than mid-winter snow. Yes, I realize from the calendar that it’s not officially spring yet, but meteorologically speaking, spring is here. The angle of the sun at this time is the same as it was in early October. Therefore, any snow that falls during the day is going to have a very hard time accumulating, especially on the roads. Another factor on Wednesday, it will not be so cold. Daytime temperatures will be mostly between 32-36 degrees. At this time of year, with temperatures this “mild,” there’s really only one way to accumulate snow: it has to fall hard. It appears that the heaviest snow rates on Wednesday will occur at the start of the event, early to mid-afternoon. So it will be a battle between snow rates and sun angle/temperature. I think we will see white roads under the heaviest snow patches, but not everywhere.

Another important factor in early and late snowfall is elevation. The Worcester Hills and Berkshires often end up with the highest snow totals at these events simply because temperatures are a few degrees lower given their elevation. It can be 34 to 36 degrees on the coastal plain and 30 to 33 degrees at several hundred feet. Some mountain cities can see a difference of a few inches from just a few miles away.


Afternoon: Snow covers the entire area. Intensity picked up at 2 pm and some of our heaviest snowfall comes as early as 6 pm Again, under the heaviest bands, some accumulation is likely on the roads. In the lighter areas, much of the daytime snow will melt on contact or just slowly accumulate on the grass.

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18:00 – Midnight: With the loss of daylight and temperatures dropping a few degrees, snow will (usually) stick a little easier. However, the intensity will decrease after 6:00 pm The best dynamics will leave our area and the snow will become lighter and more blotchy as the night progresses. Therefore, additional (light) accumulation is likely, especially between 6 and 8 p.m. Between 8 p.m. and midnight, the snow gradually decreases from west to east, eventually only a few flurries remaining near the coast.


We expect a general layer of 3 inches for most of southern New England. The best chance of 3 inches would be at higher elevation in Worcester County and the Berkshires. Higher totals are also more likely to be on grass than on pavement.

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If he is forced to shovel, he would wait until Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Honestly, if you can do it safely, I might just quit. Temperatures will be in the 50s on Thursday and Friday and the snow will once again quickly vaporize.

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