Wedding policies You must truly follow (No, sincerely)

Follow these no matter what.

Between the above rules that don’t follow trendy weddings and the self-imposed ideas that couples take on what a wedding is “supposed to be”, there will never be one great day plan that works for all of us. But there are some “regulations” that you have to comply with no matter what. Whether you’re a bride, groom, or wedding guest, here are 20 that you really need to follow. “Wedding Policies”

In case you are the couple…

  1. Don’t invite someone to a pre-wedding celebration if you don’t plan to invite them to the wedding. Invite a person to your shower and now not the big day? That’s a no-no (and will likely result in emotional damage).
  2. Do not include your registration information on your wedding invitation. Instead, upload your registry to your wedding website and include a hyperlink in your stationery package. In no way should it appear that you are soliciting items.

Three. By no means invite a visitor to your wedding through a text message or social media platform. A little idea goes a long way. And the same goes for thank you notes!

  1. In case you send someone save the date, you should send them a wedding invitation. Of course, even if they have already told you that they cannot attend on a massive day. Now, not sending an invite indicates that they may no longer be invited, and that’s not the case.

Five. If you notice your guest’s plus call, include it in the invitation. It will lead them to feel simply welcome. Of course, if you’re absolutely giving a person a plus and you don’t know who you’re giving it to, “and guest” is quality.

  1. Your RSVP card must include postage. It’s common courtesy to pre-seal your RSVP envelopes or postcards so guests don’t have to purchase postage.
  2. Get your marriage license well in advance of your wedding day. Check the legal regulations of your country, since the window is usually particularly small. But make sure you don’t do it too soon, either.
  3. Usually feed your wedding ceremony vendors. From your wedding planner to the band, everyone works hard for you around the clock. Be sure to talk to your caterer about providing food for them.
  4. If someone sends you a gift, you should send them a thank you card. There are no ifs, I buts! A thoughtful, handwritten note is usually fine.

If you are the guest…

  1. Do not answer “yes” if there is a risk that you will not be able to attend the wedding. If you’re not sure or want more time, have an honest communication with your partner. An empty “safe” can cause major counting headaches.
  2. If you get a plus one, please RSVP with the person’s name. That way, the couple can include their call in the list of visitors, escort letters, and other reveal items.
  3. Consistently send your RSVP card back at the right time. At the very least, make sure it’s sent via the RSVP date listed on the invitation.

Thirteen. If the invitation, in particular, says that children are not allowed, don’t ask if you can deliver your children. Feel free to reach out to the couple about local babysitters or other childcare options. If it’s not clear whether or not the kids are invited, you may need to ask politely. “Wedding Policies”

  1. In case your invitation specifies the name of your partner, and that man or woman cannot do it, better not bring a friend. Unless the bride or groom has given the green light, the best human beings invited to the wedding are the ones in the envelope.
  2. In case you don’t get a plus one, don’t give a plus one. If your invitation doesn’t say “and invited,” then it’s safe to assume you’ve been invited alone. His quality now does not ask the couple to make exceptions.
  3. Arrive at wedding activities on time. It’s just common courtesy, right?
  4. Don’t skip the ritual. Positive, everyone is excited about the birthday celebration. However, his presence in the true “I do” is a must.
  5. Turn pontificate on your phone during marriage. While some couples may be okay with cell phone photos, please turn off flash sound, ringer, alarms, vibration and other disturbing alerts.
  6. Don’t wear a white dress (unless you’re asked to). Since white is reserved for the bride, stay away from cream and ivory as well.
  7. Don’t get too drunk. Make the most of the open bar, however, know your limits. Don’t plan a scene at the marriage and make sure you can get home properly at the end of the night.

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