Weddings in the UAE: Traditions And Peculiarities

The United Arab Emirates is a fairy tale in reality, an oasis among infinite sands, the dream of many tourists. But it’s curious how the weddings go there? Here we tell you about this and other interesting facts about marriage in the Emirates.

Weddings in the United Arab Emirates are very interesting and unusual for us. Even the most modern and luxurious wedding ceremony preserves unique centuries-old traditions.


In the Emirates, women live separately from men, so it is not surprising that parents choose a soul mate for their children. The decision about marriage is made by the father as head of the family.

The bride is forbidden to see the groom before the wedding, especially to communicate with him. She can only know something about him and only about her closest relatives.

Since boys and girls as young as 9 years old can still play together, they often gain knowledge from childhood memories.

wedding preparations

After a successful engagement, servants, dressed in party clothes, go to the homes of relatives and friends, offering them sweets and dishes, while wedding invitations are handed out.

Nearly one in 13 families in the United Arab Emirates is a millionaire. Therefore, local weddings cost an average of $80 to $100,000.

guest invitation

The scale and number of guests at the Arab wedding is truly impressive. Even for the most modest celebration in the circle of relatives and friends, up to eight hundred people are invited, not to mention the weddings of Arab sheikhs.

The number of guests often reaches several thousand. Family and friends are highly valued in the United Arab Emirates. And they believe that the scale and grandeur of the event is directly related to the future happiness of the newlyweds.

pre-wedding period

In the last week before the wedding, the girl spends in her secluded room, in modest clothes. The Arabs believe that for the holidays she will become even more beautiful. A wedding dress, as a rule, is sewn to individual order by eminent fashion designers who turn this outfit into a real work of art.

In addition, today in the United Arab Emirates there are many different women’s beauty salons, SPA centers such as rooms etc which can help her look like a real princess.

The groom, in turn, spends the last three days in a close circle: family and friends.

During this period, a dowry is collected for the bride (which remains her personal property), and the groom, like all his relatives, presents his future wife with gifts in the form of jewelry with precious stones, various fabrics, hats, scarves of silk. , and many others.

Another tradition is for a close relative of the groom to wear a wedding ring on a girl’s finger.

The marriage is considered valid only after the wedding ceremony has taken place. It happens that a marriage contract is also signed before this.

bride rescue

Many countries in the Western world have completely abandoned this tradition or have made it part of the holiday entertainment program. But the United Arab Emirates still honors this ancient tradition: the groom’s side pays a ransom to the bride’s family to make up for lost labor, as has been done historically.

The amount can reach tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

a moment of celebration

The peculiarity of the wedding party in the Emirates is as follows: in fact, these are two separate celebrations, separately for the bride and groom. According to Muslim customs, during a wedding party, the couple and all the guests are separated accordingly, it can be two celebrations in separate rooms.

Alcohol is not served at Muslim weddings, but the celebration does not become boring because of this, but, on the contrary, takes place in a cheerful and festive atmosphere.

Since the women celebrate the celebration separately, they cannot cover their heads with a headscarf, and with dancing and fun, the girls have a positive rest. In the middle of the hall, there is a bride that looks like a royal throne.

At the end of the evening, the groom, together with his father, as well as a witness, go to the women’s salon, the ladies are notified of this in advance in order to have time to cover their heads. Also, after the festivities are over, the groom leads the bride to him.

The wedding night

Sex before marriage in the United Arab Emirates is strictly prohibited and severely punished. Purity and innocence are respected in this country. That is why the first wedding night for the Arabs is a very sacred and significant event.

But since the bride and groom may not meet before the wedding, they are entitled to dispose of this time at their own discretion. For example, chat to get to know each other better.

A wedding in the Emirates is a grandiose event that once again confirms the generosity and complacency of the Arab people. We can firmly say that the Arabs do not save money for this brilliant family holiday because for the family organizing this celebration, a beautiful wedding is a sign of wealth and prosperity. Even if you are at such an event, you will be greeted as the closest person and cordially offered to share the festive feast.

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