what guys want in a relationship

what guys want in a relationship

If you are new to the relationship word and find it difficult to understand your man. Or you don’t exactly know the best way to treat or handle your man. If the reason you are reading this now is to find out what guys want in a relationship, then relax because you are in the right place. I will explain to you exactly what men need from their women.

what guys want in a relationship

A lover

Men want a girl who shows true love. A man needs a woman who loves him as she is, without loving him for wealth. A man does not want a woman who will only call him honey and honey only when he has money in his pocket. He wants a woman who loves him unconditionally without having a reason to love him.

A sincere person to be with

He wants to see a woman who is sincere and truthful with him without lying or pretending. If you want to capture the heart of a man, you must learn to live your life without pretense or form. You must do everything possible not to hide anything from him, be open and plan with him and you will see that he will appreciate it with all his heart. “what guys want in a relationship”

understand it

A man needs a woman who understands him in any situation, no matter how difficult it is. In fact, if you really want to make your man happy, you must learn to always understand your man at all times. Only when you calm down to understand your man will you know if he is cheating on you or if he has better plans for you. And the truth of it all is that men don’t play games or take a woman who loves and understands him for granted. “what guys want in a relationship”

give him space

You should give your man space sometimes to allow him to hang out with others. Don’t be that girl who doesn’t allow her guy to go out with others or have fun with others. If you’re that type, then you’re not doing it right. A man needs to be free and have time to move in with his friends. But if you deny him that, he will easily tire of you.

love the people around him

Men don’t like girls who drive away people around them. If you’re the kind of girl who does it, you’re not doing it right. Remember that he has been with those people before he met you. When you haven’t met him, all these people are the ones who have loved him and are there for him, even when you’re not around him. Why then are you driving them away? If everyone around you leaves immediately when you walk in or see you, that’s not a good thing. so try to know what to do about it and stop it. “what guys want in a relationship”

pay attention

This is very important because only when you pay attention to your man will you understand him and know exactly what he wants and when he most needs you to be with him. So I want you to also understand that men love a woman who also gives them attention and care.

It’s not all about you

Yes, you should also think about him and the things he needs. if you are the type of girl who thinks only of you and makes the relationship a one-sided love. You’re wrong. So if you ask what guys want in a relationship and you can’t even for once think about your man and what he needs. That means you’re not doing it right too.

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