Why Does He Postponing The Marriage?

Why postpone the marriage?

My boyfriend and I sincerely love each other and he is the one who started talking about marriage. He said this year, then the other, now the next and I don’t know why! He has started studying so he can’t store and I don’t have to stress him out.

I recognize that his career is also important, but I don’t know where I stand anymore. Should I confront him? I’m not the kind of woman who sets ultimatums and things like that. I really love him. Is there a way to treat it so that it feels comfortable?

Monetary security is an important component of maximum men. That is the reason why many men do not forget marriage until they feel comfortable with their profession or their financial situation. One of the biggest concerns that maximum men have is that they want to be “in good standing” by using the girl’s family. “Why are you postponing the marriage?”

In a society where financial reputation is given some importance, a man often has a reputation for his ability to make money. Therefore, a man may feel less secure in dealing with a woman’s family while he no longer has a strong career or financial position. In a nutshell, a man who has a relaxed financial state might marry the woman he loves as soon as possible and a man who has an insecure financial foundation might want to postpone marriage until he feels more secure about finances. of the.

Most of the men are also involved in the approval they get from the lady’s own family. A man who no longer has a legitimate financial reputation is generally not held in high regard by the elders in the woman’s family, and a man may cringe at the thought of being slighted because of his financial position. Marriage, in most cases, is a thing of the circle of relatives, moreover, and therefore, it is no longer more or less about settling down with the woman. “Why are you postponing the marriage?”

If your boyfriend has settled into a profession he likes and was minting the right money, he would have no qualms about getting married soon. Like you said, he became the first to propose. It is obvious that he loves you and wants to form a marriage bond with you.

He is devoted to you, but the financial position of gifts may not give him the confidence to take on the obligation of marriage. As you said, he is reading right now and can better assess his potential for a job once he is done with the research. “Why are you postponing the marriage?”

Frankly, marriage would be so much easier if it weren’t subject to all the formalities and interventions of family now. If it’s just about going to a church and taking vows, most men may not think about getting married anymore. But maximum marriages contain a circle of family interventions and it is almost a public feature, where the boy is placed in the “focus of attention”. So, if he is unsure of his financial position, he may feel a bit uncomfortable dealing with the elders in the family, who may ask a lot of private questions about his career and plans for the future.

So you can either hope that he has a solid career and a stronger financial foundation or you can convince him to marry you for insurance. You can tell him that you are more interested in being with him as his spouse than in his career or financial situation right now. “Why are you postponing the marriage?”

You can talk to him about the experience of his circle of supportive family members and how they can have a “hassle-free” marriage with the least amount of financial embarrassment. You want to reassure yourself and help him feel more relaxed about the potential marriage despite his financial status. Love can overcome any task when it is genuine. He just wants to agree with you and your understanding of his situation.

So instead of worrying about it, just talk to him. You are not setting ultimatums; you’re just helping him make a decision. When you inspire his acceptance as true, it will be easier for him to overcome his uncertainties about his financial situation and his career. There may be nothing more comforting than the help of the person you love. “Why are you postponing the marriage?”

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